1. jenna.marie9700's Avatar
    I just bought BePopUp yesterday, and for some reason it wont show the contact name in the pop up. I was under the impression that it was suppose to, as there is an option for showing contact pictures and that would mean a contact would need to be identified. I previously had all my numbers in this format: 1-555-555-5555. I noticed on the pop up that the format was
    +15555555555, so i went into my address book and changed all my contact numbers to this format in hopes that it BePopUp would be able to recognize my contacts if their numbers were in that format. Still no luck. Is there something else I can do to get the contact name to show in the pop up? Please tell me I didnt waste $4.99 on a message previewer app that does not even show the contact name. How do I fix this?
    P.S. I'm running on os 6
    09-08-11 10:38 AM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Have you taken this up with the developer yet via e-mail or phone support? Maybe it's a bug. If you don't get any such response, you've wasted your money.

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    09-09-11 05:23 AM