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    OK, I'll try to ask this as clearly as I can:

    I have been a heavy user of BB maps. Quite a while back, after RIM broadcasted the OS upgrade from v. 5 to v. 6, I found that the maps would not move under the cursor when I track my travel in my vehicle, but the map is stationary and the cursor (arrow) eventually moves off the screen. I scoured the menu and tried everything that I could (the menu changed a fair amount with the OS change); I posted a query in the forum, but at that time no one came up with a clear answer, just mostly people saying that it worked ok for them. I've had to use Google maps since then.

    When I talk about the map moving, I mean the mode where the arrow is stationary in the center of the screen, and the map moves underneath it as my vehicle moves.

    08-10-11 09:51 PM