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    My network provider doesn't provide bis. And since I have a contract for anther year I would like internet without bis.

    However if I browse the web, use facebook etc. I cannot use it and I get an error that i have no internet. However I do have internet in my contract, just no Bis.

    Is there a possibility to use all features that are not necessary blackberry services (like browsing, facebook, twitter and e-mail) without BIS in my contract.
    10-27-11 03:28 PM
  2. kjjb0204's Avatar
    Wifi should give you access to all of that if you have wifi available.
    10-27-11 03:33 PM
  3. billyg072's Avatar
    9900 without bis = nokia e61/e71, learned that at the 4 days outage...
    10-27-11 03:47 PM
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    I do have BIS and I noticed that on Sprint, sometimes when I browse the internet, or check my logs, the ip that shows up is a blackberry ip address. Other times, it is a Sprint address like I logged on other phones.

    Interesting setup to say the least about BIS. It would be great to know how to force its non-use.
    10-27-11 04:28 PM
  5. 10-Dee-Q's Avatar
    Go to options > device > advance system setting> TCP/IP
    Make sure that the apn is not blackberry one, ask for the username and password of your operator "normal" non BIS data apn setting
    And put it there
    Then you should be able to connect to internet, facebook, etc without BIS

    But you can't use BBM, and the email Push service

    BTW just to remind you, Blackberries without BIS is really not recoomended
    There's a lot of better devices out there for that purpose.

    Just buy Blackbeeries if u intend to use it with BIS. Otherwise I won't advice you to get one.

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    10-27-11 04:55 PM
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    I tend to think of a Blackberry as a device that is just as capable as any other that cannot do BIS especially if used for standard things as the OP listed like facebook, twitter and browsing. Email (except for EAS) can be fully handled by Logicmail and there is actually less of a battery drain I believe. BIS, if used, just adds to the value does it not? Otherwise, I don't see RIM's strategic vision.
    10-27-11 05:02 PM
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    you must really love RIM to stick with a 9900 (or any other blackberry) without a biz plan....like the commenter above said, without bis, you've got a plain vanilla smart phone with even fewer app choices available...

    without bis, no bbm...the horror :P

    without bis, you're better of with something else (sad to say but it's true..)
    10-27-11 05:04 PM
  8. 10-Dee-Q's Avatar
    Well I don't know for sure, but for me, if there's no BIS, I will never buy a blackberry in the first place.
    Just compare the function to other brand of phones, BB have nothing to offer except for the BIS capabillity

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    10-27-11 05:08 PM
  9. Flugzeugler's Avatar
    I had a 9300 for a while on a network which did not have BIS and the solution they gave was to download Opera Mini and use that app to browse the web instead of the native app. It worked OK.
    10-28-11 02:30 PM
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    Heej thanks for the feedback. This helped me a lot with my research.

    I did receive a bb as a gift so that is why I use this unlucky combination. However I found a solution. I post it here to complete the topic. I still need to test everything and I am not sure if it is the best solution.

    All native apps (facebook, twitter, e-mail, msn, google chat and the webbrowser) use BIS. However all other apps don't use BIS.
    This means I just need to find replacement apps for everything.

    So google got an app to sync the calendar and the contacts (I use gmail for everything). They also have an app to access mail (m.google.com and m.google.com/sync also download google maps while your there).

    With Nymbuss I can use facebook chat/msn and google chat. With UbserSocial I can use Twitter. (This solves most problems, except for normal facebook updates. I dont mind using the browser for that or waiting untill I have ).

    With Opera Mini I can acces the web. It works good enough (but not as good as the native app tho).

    I still need to test all but it looks very promosing.
    Thanks for the help!
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    10-28-11 05:15 PM
  11. Gehangin's Avatar
    I believe all the Google apps for the BB OS require BIS or BES - so they won't help you.
    11-09-11 03:49 PM
  12. Charlie Green's Avatar
    I'm in the same situation as you and this is working for me! Just happy I can search the Internet and things like that when I'm out! Still trying to work out what to do about my emails though!
    06-14-13 04:46 AM