1. bgawa's Avatar
    [B]First of all, my English is not good.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    - BlackBerry 9900 White
    - Platform:
    - Program Version: (2395)

    When I plug in the charger(my friend's), my BB turn out(power off).
    And never charged, never turned on.

    After I remove the battery, my BB turned on!(it may takes about 5 min.)
    But 1 min later, BB turn out again.

    If I remove battery, BB turned on.(Power button doesn't work.)
    But regardless of how much the battery left, My BB always turned out after 1 min.

    Is there any one who had same symptoms and had some idea to solve this problem?

    I searched GOOGLE and got some informations.
    1.This problem may occur when using "High voltage charger"
    2. If I turn on bluetooth or WI-FI, BB don't turn out.

    So I always turn on bluetooth. But I WANT TO KNOW A SOLUTION.
    09-11-13 06:51 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    You should ALWAYS use a BB branded charger when charging your device. Could be the charger you are using has the wrong voltage for your device.
    09-13-13 12:38 AM

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