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    Hello all!
    So i bought this new verizon bold 9650 unlocked and everything seems to be working just fine with the phone but I do have some issues here....

    First of all, I'm trying to use this phone on t-mobile since I already have a sim card and everything, in fact I found a few nice guides on the forum that cant wait to try on the phone. However, my problem is that phone will not sync with my computer! I'm running windows 7 64bits btw. I've installed the last version of BB desktop manager (6.....) but not luck so far. The computer do recognize that a device has been attached to it and you can see the phone is getting charged, also desktop manager will tell you the pin and model of the phone, however when it comes to sync it always get stuck in that white screen "initializing device" and stays there regardless, while the phone goes to a white screen "connecting to desktop" for a few seconds and then returns to the screen clock.

    I also tried using the bluetooth connection, but again no luck. The drivers seem to be working fine since again DM recognize the pin of the phone but not the model and requires for me to connect the phone via usb to complete the sync. I tried using the bluetooth options and the program detects the model but when I manually try to add the phone it prompts a msg that says: "Verify that the Bluetooth enable device is configured for use with the blackberry desktop software. for more info contact ur admin". At this point i dont really know what else to do.... I've already tried installing DM several times and even installing a different version of it but everything has been in vane.

    I dont really know what else to do in here......... perhaps someone in the forum can help me out here! or at least point me in the right direction!

    PS I also tried Crackutil and BBSAK but those two wont even recognize a device attached to the computer....

    Thanks... any help will be greatly appreciate it!
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    I would start by making sure that you dont have any corrupt registry errors on the CPU. I ran into a similar issue with my vista machine and ran a registry cleaner and it fixed the problem for me.
    08-10-11 12:31 PM
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    Hey thx for the reply...
    I did what u suggested and somehow the bluetooth is now working but I still can't get the USB part to work completely, so i cant really reload the OS nor have crackutil and BBSAK working. btw I already download the latest usb drivers already from the blackberry website.

    Thx again for helping me out!
    08-10-11 08:23 PM
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    08-11-11 11:56 AM
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    thx for the info....
    I tried doing the uninstalling and registry cleaning but still no luck. The Bluetooth works somehow but the usb cable not quite. I guess is working as the computer recognizes the device so is DM but it just wont sync.
    08-12-11 09:38 PM
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    Have you tried a different cable or different port? You could have issues with that particular port on your machine.
    08-16-11 03:13 PM