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    Hello all. Just wanted to share this in the event it may help others w/ the same issue...

    With about 10 GB of mp3s (2,426 songs) loaded onto my 16GB Sandisk microSDHC card, when i would try to play, skip through, or just browse music via the native BlackBerry music player, it was experiencing a significant lag (between when i would click and when the app would respond). For example, it was not uncommon to open an album, click the first song to start playback, and wait up to 30 seconds before the music would actually start; skipping to the next track was usually about a 5-10 second wait.

    As I've owned many MP3 players in the past, I had high hopes that my new BB Bold would replace my Creative Zen ("Small Wonder") so I would only have to carry one device w/ me everyday. While the Bold was technically usable as an mp3 player, this lag was probably 5x worse than any i'd experienced on other mp3 players (even legacy devices!)...so you could understand my frustration

    After defragging the drive (memory card), running a checkdisk against it (no errors found), and even reformatting it, the issue remained. I was ready to give up when I started thinking: maybe it was something with the card itself (i.e. hardware related)?

    I can't say for sure whether it was a faulty card or that was just it's normal speed, but I can say what "fixed" my issue: I replaced my SanDisk card w/ a comparable Transcend card.

    They are both 16GB microSDHC, but the reason I say the Sandisk may have been functioning normally (and the same reason I bought this Transcend card), is that the Sandisk was a Class 2 speed, while the Transcend is a Class 6 speed... Which, if you look it up, means that the Transcend card is almost 3x faster! I can say for sure that this card noticeably much faster!...

    I now barely experience any lag time (clicking the first song in an album now takes only 1-3 seconds to start the music playing)!...The best way I can describe it is that if I hadn't experienced problems with lag time previously and just went straight to this card off the bat, I probably wouldn't even notice the current, minor 1-3 second wait... It's awesome!!...My BlackBerry is now the music jukebox I always knew it could be! (now to just wait for them to come out w/ a 32 GB card so i can put my whole mp3 collection on it! )

    Again, I hope the info i've provided about this issue and the solution that worked for me helps someone out there avoid the frustration I went through!...

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    Event at class 2 you shouldn't be seeing significant lag unless the phone is scanning the entire memory card after bootup.

    I know several people here use class 2 cards. Did you try formatting it forcing specific options? Like fat32, 32k cluster size.
    Granted, nobody should be buying class 2 cards anymore since class 4+ is cheap now. Also I know it's not purely a brand problem because my Sandisk 6gb works fine.
    06-03-09 01:03 PM