1. paap123's Avatar
    hello every1,

    i am using a 9700 bold in mumbai india for the past three years.
    i am using OS 5 (.680) - had upgraded to OS 6 but downgraded within a couple of days as os 6 was very crappy on 9700.

    my question is since google maps is now disabled for BBs, the blackn=berry maps on my phone is not working, which other gps map service can i use for real time directions.

    thanks in advance.
    07-04-13 07:20 AM
  2. middbrew's Avatar
    It's been a long time since I've used OS5 on a device. But, if you had BBMaps working with OS6 you can install the OS6 version on your device even tho you are now on OS5. To do this you need to use a program Like BBSAK to load it. Here are the BBMap files that you can install (they will need to be unzipped). Down load BBSAK on your computer, Within the BBSAK program click on "Modify CODs", then click on "Install CODs", navagate to where you downloaded the BBMaps files, select them and install.

    You should be good to use it after that.
    07-05-13 11:33 AM

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