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    I have been using blackberry curve 3g since 19 months that it started to happen. I use a vodafone India sim and my bb just goes blank when I insert the sim while searching for the network. I updated the software, had a couple of boots and other technical things happening to my phone in order to getting it fixed but it still has the same frustrating problem. Without sim, it works for about an hour or so. And if by mistake, I decide to listen to a song while on the go, just 1 song (sim being inserted in another phone of an entirely different brand and working just fine!) and it goes blank..so I have to pull the battery out and push it in again (only to see the LOADING screen for about a minute or two) and it goes blank again! It goes blank even while talking over a call and has become pretty bad now. Worth noting is that I replaced the battery which came with the phone with another one bought from the bb store in India (and yes, it was original ). I replaced the battery because it had swollen out of proportion for some reason. I was told by the repair guy that my battery panel had 'shorting' because of damage by water maybe (recollection of which is absolutely absent). My handset is out of warranty now, so I don't really know what to do with this phone, I refuse to let go of it so soon as I'm an absolute bb fanatic but I really am pained because nobody seems to understand what the problem is. I'll be highly obliged if somebody tells me if its a hardware/RAM/software problem of a specific kind and tell me the next step in getting it fixed. I contacted bb support team but they haven't replied yet I want this same bb back! Please help! Will replacement help? Is it even feasible?
    01-12-14 11:01 AM
  2. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    You would get more Curve help if you posted in the Curve forum instead of the Bold one.

    Generally I'd run through a lot of the stuff you have already tried. Install latest OS that can be found; be really careful about "real" batteries as it is hard to check fakes from real ones.

    The way you describe the phone "blanking out" makes me wonder if someone has been inside it and left the connection to the screen loose. Though this doesn't fully make sense if you say a power cycle brings it back to life.

    I'd also go in and change all the timers for sending the phone to sleep and turning the screen off. Maybe changing the values in these settings will help reset a corrupted value.

    The main thing you haven't mentioned is - get rid of the programs\apps that you are not actually using and check up for updates on the rest of the apps. Some apps can be badly written and cause odd problems.
    01-13-14 01:44 PM

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