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    well I have the bold and I have been using it for a few days now, its performed
    pretty good in many areas , MSN, yahoo, clock, youtube,
    dealing with older apps have been really good. I have a crappy old
    pac man app which worked on curve and works on bold, but like I said
    its crappy no error codes tho! hehe

    reading and editing ms word files work
    the browser is decently fast on 3G
    on edge its slow, just like iphone
    on edge. yes iphone is dead slow
    on edge too.

    I have been testing opera mini too
    which is a browser you can use on the bb
    its a bit better than default bb browser but
    bb browser is more stable.

    browsing on things like https://
    can have some scripting that bold
    does not understand yet... but thats
    a limitation of mobile sites not so much
    the bold it self .. but the browser will
    improve as RIM works on it. They
    are very aware of the browser being
    not as fast as safari, but their focus was
    not speed but stability which is more
    important I thought ... Speed is a easy

    Phone: Call quality on bb bold is awesome
    the phone part and organizational aspects
    1st rate

    Audio: Sound and Video awesome too
    picture quality really good for a 2 meg
    the big screen is very nice for pix and video

    Removable Memory: the micro sd card options are so
    handy I heard there is no max but rogers posts 32 gig lol
    the 1 gig on board is nice to have, the only thing I would like
    to have is more application memory, I wonder if there is a
    way to use part of the one gig for application memory

    I like the memory cleaning option - I have heard about
    the memory leaks and well its not a superstar on keeping
    the s/w leak at bay. There needs to be a swap memory file
    of sorts option

    any of the things that are not up to expectations are
    simply software, and can be updated later on, speaking of
    which the new option for software update is great to have

    new desktop OS s/w is a lot better. the BB Bold is a good
    release. I had a Curve which I liked a lot too , and I was testing
    all the 4.5 os upgrades but 4.6 is basically those updates working
    on a larger format.

    the voice dialing is better on bold too than curve, it understands things

    I am still getting used to the new key board but , its similar to the 8800
    that I don't have any experience with....

    I really like the new BB case they give you in the box hehe! lol

    thats all I have for you atm but, I am sure I'll add to this

    8/28/08 update

    alright I did a software update from its still version 1.2.5 but build 134
    I did a wipe and reload .. and I can tell you good things happened
    my application memory came back up to 37 from 8 and its faster
    over all - the S/W was from rogers - rim portal its not a big jump to
    1.2.6 or anything but. For anyone who does wipe and reload of anything
    often its a good thing

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    Always interesting to read a REAL WORLD account of Bold usage. Cheers for that!
    08-29-08 03:17 AM
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    Yes great read, I can relate to what you are experiencing.
    08-29-08 08:22 AM