1. lovely_strangers's Avatar
    Hi lovely strangers,

    I have a bb bold 9900 and somehow I synced my email contacts and phone contacts into a giant mess. Searching, texting and calling people in my contact list have become a nightmare. I need a simple solution to clean / edit my contact list without deleting each contact one by one (way to time consuming). I need something that allows me to check each contact and delete from my phone. I figure it would be simple to upload my contact on my computer.

    I have tried syncing my phone to my Mac (10.6.8) but there is no option, nor a folder that shows my contacts. I have other folders such as pictures or voice notes but no contacts.

    Suggestions or help will save me from pulling out my hair or smashing my phone.

    Thank you and I love you!
    09-10-13 10:20 PM
  2. fahar's Avatar
    Do you have Outlook on ur mac?
    09-11-13 09:02 AM

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