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    For the past 3 days my battery has been overheating like crazy pretty much all day long!! ive done a couple reboots alt +shift + del and itll work for a bit but then eventually it just starts to overheat again and im tried of constantly rebooting it. I even took the battery out for awhile but it still ended up overheating. At one point i had about 40 percent battery and i connected it to the wall charger for about 30min, when i went to check my phone, instead of charging it had actually drained. When i connected it the battery was white when i went to check my phone the battery had turned yellow .This has been going on for 3 days and before the 3 days it had never overheated on me. Does anyone know how to fix this?
    03-27-12 06:39 AM
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    It it is still under warranty you should take to the carrier store and ask for a new battery. If is isn't under warranty you can get a new battery for a couple of bucks off of eBay.
    03-28-12 11:44 AM
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    Nope I don't believe its still under warranty. But I have tried out a new battery already and the same thing happens just not as often as it does with the orignal battery
    03-28-12 03:53 PM
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    I think you should connect it to your computer and Reload the OS, if that doesnt fix the problem, then the problem is inside the phone, i recommend you should stop using the phone and call Blackberry, the phone doesnt have to be under warranty for them to replace it
    04-01-12 07:54 PM
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    I had an issue today. I had taken a photo and wanted to email it as the "original size." I navigated through the menus, inputted the destination email address and then clicked send. It seemed to struggle to send it, but after 3 minutes, I noticed that the email had failed to send. I went through the steps to do everything from scratch again, and again, after about 3 minutes, it failed to send. But this time, I noticed that the back, lower half of the Torch was very warm. I tried to resend one of the failed emails and again, it was a no go, but the torch seemed to be getting hotter.

    I quickly rebooted. waited 3 or 4 minutes and noticed that it was still hot. I then went back to the emails that had failed and deleted them. Then did another reboot and that seemed to have fixed the heating issue.

    I then waited about 1 hour. I created a new email, but this time, I had the Torch compress the image to small. It took a about 4 minutes, but it did eventually send without over heating the torch. So now I'm thinking the Torch had issues trying to send a large photo (1.4MB) Maybe the uploading or converting was too taxing on the CPU which caused it to over heat and also caused the emails to fail to send ?
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    04-04-12 11:16 PM
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    I notice this too on my 9650 when it's bridged to the PlayBook and I'm either charging or sending a bigger file.

    As a side note my Android battery consistently overheated when I uploaded videos to YouTube or Dropbox. Always when using Google Navigation without fail and quickly.

    The Thunderbolt had an LED alert for overheating battery. I'd like to see that on BlackBerry because sometimes I'm not holding the device.
    04-05-12 12:03 AM
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    I had the exact same issue. Verizon replaced the battery twice. Checked and there was no software draining the battery. It's an equipment failure. Verizon sent me another 9650 and it works fine now. I'd take the phone to Sprint (I believe that's your carrier) an ask them for a replacement.
    04-27-12 12:54 PM
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    I figured out its hardware failure but sprints gonna do the same thing give me a new battery, then test it and then they'll replace
    04-27-12 01:44 PM
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    You can check some possible causes here:

    Overheating Blackberry Curve 9220
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    05-06-13 05:40 AM