1. idlefrog's Avatar

    I have had a Bold for a couple of weeks and just recently the battery has started dying very quickly. Tonight the battery has lost 40% in 3 hrs with no use. Wifi & bluetooth is off. On Saturday the battery went from full to empty in 8 hrs without being used. This can't be normal.

    The only app running in the background is BuzzMePro ignoring the standard ones you can't close. Does BuzzMe burn a lot of battery.

    Also I have the iBerry Today theme installed. Can themes burn battery faster?

    I am using OS 282 if that makes any difference.

    A colleague at works also has a bold and his battery was still on 90% this morning after having be on all night.

    I have read all the threads about battery saving tips and followed them with little effect.

    Any suggestions? I love everything else about the phone but if this continues I will have to change it.
    07-06-09 03:32 PM
  2. bt224's Avatar
    I would delete BuzzMe and see what happens. And yes, it could be the theme.
    07-06-09 03:35 PM
  3. Jazzi#CB's Avatar
    I am getting the same thing since going to .282. It's terrible! I put in a fully charged battery this morning around 10:30a, and 11 hours later the battery level is about 10%. I've spoken on the phone for approximately 15 minutes during that time. Other than the change to .282, nothing has changed.
    07-06-09 08:34 PM