08-20-13 08:37 AM
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  1. byul's Avatar
    Extra memory? Where does all your memory go? The 99XX has enough memory for just everything.
    04-14-12 09:02 PM
  2. estro22's Avatar
    Virgin Mobile Canada - $50.00/mo.

    My Plan:

    BlackBerry Combo 50 - Txt & Pic

    200 anytime minutes

    BlackBerry Data - 500 MB


    Wi-Fi Unlimited at Starbucks

    Unlimited Evenings & Wknd from 7PM

    International Text

    Unlimited Incoming Text

    Unlimited Picture Messaging

    Unlimited Text to Canada

    Pay per use Voice - U.S. Roaming

    Standard LD Rate (to U.S. & CAN)

    Additional local minutes are 40¢/min. Long distance charges on calls to Canada or the U.S. are 40¢/min. in addition to your local per minute rate.

    Individual features:

    Call Display ($7.00/mo)

    Other Charges:

    NS Govt 911 Fee ($0.43/mo.)

    Based on how I use my phone, I'm happy with my plan and staying with Virgin. Rogers, Telus & Bell are so 90's ... it's all about Fido, Kodoo & Virgin now!

    This is what happens when people post while drunk.

    On topic: on 7.1 OSes average idle (on 3G) discharge should be 2-3% if you don't get this, worth checking in "application manager" who eats your CPU time.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9900 using Tapatalk
    04-15-12 12:02 AM
  3. Jake90087's Avatar
    In fairness with minimal usage my 9900 could go for that... Too bad I hammer on the poor thing a lot!
    04-15-12 04:44 AM
  4. alpha beta gaga's Avatar
    lcall me a troll but my iphone4s battery life literally sh!ts all over my 9930
    don't know why but that made me giggle stupidly
    04-15-12 06:30 AM
  5. RDarrylR's Avatar
    I deleted Blackberry Protect and Beweather and my battery issues have pretty much all cleared up. I think Beweather was the main culprit.

    My battery used to go from full when I went to bed to almost drained by the time I woke up. This was even though I wasn't actually doing anything on the phone as I was asleep.

    Now it loses only 5-10% of its charge overnight.
    04-15-12 07:47 AM
  6. flybabyroxy's Avatar
    Thx for the tip on FB I totally forgot about it. I set it to never refesh since I don't use it much. I'm also always logged outta my twitter and photobucket mobile app. I set BeWeather to refresh every 3 hrs now instead of hourly. I also deleted Opera Mini and battex. For battery meter I use an app called "SixTools" by Shaosoft. Been luvin it so far and battery life has been much better. I'm debating whether or not to turn off GPS or delete BlackBerry protect..
    04-15-12 10:45 AM
  7. kelton's Avatar
    I would never give up Blackberry protect (it saved me already once).

    I've been on this 9930 for a few days now. The battery life is actually better than my 9650. Perhaps my 9650's battery was long in the tooth.

    So how do I turn the 3g down to 2g? I don't see it. (just in case I have the need)
    04-15-12 05:41 PM
  8. RDarrylR's Avatar
    It seems protect won't work if you're on BES so it wasn't doing anything for me anyway.
    04-15-12 06:00 PM
  9. kelton's Avatar
    Ah, BES... sorry didn't consider that.

    So, now the phone hasn't been on the charger since 5am...and I'm at 80% with, honestly, not much use... but wifi and bluetooth are on... and I've done some web surfing, photography, and texting.

    Basically, this battery life is as strong as any I've ever experience on a smart phone.
    04-15-12 07:37 PM
  10. thecsman's Avatar
    spoken like a true ignoramus. i realize ignorance is bliss and that people like to get behind the company they chose to support. i also realize this is a blackberry fan site where people come together based upon their mutual adoration of BB devices.


    my "itoy" allows me to do every function my blackberry 9930 does, as well as my 9650, my 9530, my 8830 and the 9630 i used to have before giving it away.

    in addition to literally every feature of a blackberry, my "itoy" also allows me to take and edit wonderful photos, play computer quality games if i so please (very rare but i do have gta3 which is a great time killer), allows me to remotely control my itunes library, and download all my music from the cloud. it allows for the viewing of PDF files much smoother than my 9930 (i do this often as a graphic design student) ...
    I stopped reading there.

    Come on guys, let the fanboy alone. Despite the fact that he comes back to the BlackBerry forums to troll the brand, he's creative. ;-)

    Btw, I have the toy, and it won't last all day, get real.
    04-15-12 07:54 PM
  11. benekombib's Avatar
    What I must do to fix it my blackberry battery problem?
    08-20-13 01:11 AM
  12. texn884's Avatar
    Why would anyone delete BB Protect. It is a key program to back up and restore.

    Trust me if you need it its there
    08-20-13 08:37 AM
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