1. anon(3870164)'s Avatar
    Recently my battery on my bold 9780 is weird and buggy, it will ALWAYS turn off and say battery low even though it's 50% battery WITHOUT FAIL.

    I thought it can be solved by just battery pulls but no, it happens everyday. Was using .650 firmware, then I updated to .668 hybrid and it's the same.

    Also, when charging, it can suddenly boost from 65% battery to 100% battery in less than 30 min (not possible at all).

    I suspect it has to do with the battery but not OS, but in engineering screen the battery health is still 95%.

    So should I change a battery or my phone is spoiled? Thanks in advance.
    11-07-11 10:07 AM
  2. audio_engr's Avatar
    Replace the battery with an original blackberry M-S1 type.

    Am sure your problems will be over.
    11-07-11 10:30 AM
  3. anon(3870164)'s Avatar
    So it is confirmed to be the battery issue? Thank you, will get a new battery.
    11-07-11 10:39 AM
  4. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    How old is the battery? And are you sure it is a genuine Blackberry battery? There are some really bad copies coming out of China which vary between bad quality and dangerous. So pick carefully when you find your new one.
    11-07-11 01:58 PM
  5. siefer999's Avatar
    I have a similar issue with my battery. My battery display doesn't show the correct level sometimes and my phone will completely turn off at 20-35%. After a battery pull, it will show 100 percent but will turn off 5 mins later. I have to charge it and do a few pulls to get it back to normal or to what I think it normal.

    Just started happening within the last 2 months.

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    11-07-11 02:11 PM
  6. anon(3870164)'s Avatar
    The battery is only less than one year old... I bought my phone back in January 2010. But maybe I stressed it too much, I charge around 2-3 times everyday because I use 3G all the way and keep surfing.
    11-07-11 11:09 PM
  7. laurah2215's Avatar
    Before you replace the battery, see if it's a software problem. Wipe the OS and do a clean install with the latest OS.
    11-08-11 05:52 AM
  8. chgomakeup's Avatar
    Seems like a lot of people are having very recent battery issues. I am, and have 3 different batteries (with an external charger) - having problems with all of them since upgrading AppStore and BBM. Wonder if that's an issue...
    11-08-11 03:28 PM
  9. smitbret's Avatar
    Yep, count me in. The last week or so, the battery has been acting weird. It'll say 50% or even 75% and then it'll "shutdown because the battery is drained". I've tried different charging cycles with the battery. Battery pulls, etc. Just been completely wierd and unpredictable.
    11-08-11 05:36 PM
  10. anon(3870164)'s Avatar
    I can confirm it is not a software problem because I wiped and installed max's .668 hybrid from my stock .650, identical issue; UNLESS, both .650 and .668 has this bug which I doubt so.

    I am going to get a replacement battery, I'll see how it goes. This really sucks, it is like having only 50% of battery juice.
    11-09-11 05:59 AM
  11. smitbret's Avatar
    Same here. I downgraded to .650 and still had the same trouble. I then downgraded to the official T-mobile .448 and I am still having trouble with random reboots. I also switched the battery from my old 9700 (which runs fine in the 9700) and I'm still getting random shutdowns. Incidentally, the battery out of my 9780 is working fine in the 9700.

    I'm thinking it's app related. I had recently installed some games and Vlingo and it seems to be coinciding with it. Maybe I'll wipe it again, reinstall .668 and only reload the ESSENTIAL apps and see how that goes for a few days.
    11-12-11 02:14 PM
  12. patel7's Avatar
    I am facing the same prob
    Its not the software its the battery
    4 sure coz I am on
    So ya its the battery and not the os

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    11-13-11 10:34 AM
  13. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Try without any apps installed for a few days and see if anything changes or improves. Only restore your contacts (addressbook), memos, browser bookmarks, like the important stuff, skipping everything else.

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    11-13-11 11:39 PM
  14. Harry Raphael's Avatar
    I'm realizing that I'm about 1 year and a half late, but I'm also having the same issue. I just got a brand new battery and I'm still having the issue. So it's not the OS nor is it the battery. could it be the phone itself?
    02-07-13 04:58 PM
  15. BBerryPowerUser's Avatar
    i had the same problem.
    it was my battery.
    i ordered a new battery from a 3rd party and it did not solve the problem because the 3rd party battery was as bad as my bad battery.
    get urself a decent Blackberry RIM OEM NEW battery.
    solved my problem immediately.

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    02-11-13 09:34 PM
  16. patel7's Avatar
    had the same issue , a battery change will solve the prob , make sure u get it from an authorized dealer , and make sure its the most recent import
    02-21-13 05:41 AM
  17. laufantasy's Avatar
    it‘s due to the overcharge at night,no doubt, try a new battery,
    02-25-13 02:57 AM
  18. Rootbrian's Avatar
    it‘s due to the overcharge at night,no doubt, try a new battery,
    Bogus. Internal circuitry prevents it from even getting close to overcharging. Misinformation isn't good.
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    02-25-13 03:10 AM
  19. laufantasy's Avatar
    Internal circuitry prevents it from even getting close to overcharging , i think you are right,
    i'm from china, got a used 9780 from "taobao",about $200,along with two original battery(A+B) and a charger(about $2, i guess),Battery indicator inaccurate, can't solve-3.jpg i left battery A charging all night long ,the next morning i put battery A into the phone, left the battery B charging in the charger, everything is fine, then one day i went out , using the video camera,the phone suddenly shut off, even there is still 50% battery life left, after searching the answers for this issue, i gave up, buy a new battery ,everything back to normal,
    i read a article about battery,but it's written in chinese,锂电芯电压 高于 4.2V 后, 正极材料内剩下的锂原子数量不到一半, 此时储存格常会垮掉, 让电池容量产生永久性的下降。 i can't translate to you due to my poor english, overcharge can downsize the volume of the battery,like 100% to 60%, that's why your phone shut down when there is 30-40% left, in fact your battery has nothing left ,
    after all ,do not over charge your phone especially using a external charger like mine
    03-01-13 07:50 AM
  20. goldsalltime's Avatar
    Well I have blackberry 9780bold my case is different my phone fall in water after that moment the battery is just red even if I charge it for two (2) days it won't move from 1%. I down loaded Battery boaster nw I can measure it with voltage as shown by the application I tried to warm it on hot air but never change can some one help please I'm struggling couase it can anytime switch radio and data until I reset it
    06-25-13 08:41 AM
  21. theory736's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem with my battery on my 9780. Moment it hits between 30 to 45% my battery is drained. I did replace the battery with an original battery and I have the same problem. I thought it was a software fault, so I wiped the phone and reloaded a new/upgraded OS but yet again the same thing happens. I seriously doubt that the battery is faulty, cause I did try my old battery and new battery on another 9780 and it works perfect...
    08-19-13 05:21 PM
  22. LeKeiser's Avatar
    When you say an original battery, do you mean the actual original one that came with your phone, or one that has a Blackberry logo?
    08-28-13 10:02 AM
  23. snapperhead23's Avatar
    I believe that would be an original equipment manufacturers (OEM) battery, not an aftermarket manufacturer.
    I am searching because of the same issue, 9780 and 9700 shutting down because of drained battery when it shows a 50% charge.
    Suspected flash light app on 9780 and deleted it because phone was shutting down after flash picture. Turning flash off of camera seamed to help short term. Today I sent a text and it shut down. I have always left bluetooth and wifi on. I do know my wifi drops in and out at work. A few weeks back I spent four days in Niagara Falls Canada, constantly swapping from T-Mobie to Rodgers seemed to be hard on the battery. Both phones are about three years old. Back to the search
    09-12-13 09:34 PM