1. dfinnamore14's Avatar
    Ok so I have a bold 9900, and today for the first time it died completely, so when I got home, I turned it on and it said "battery drained shutting off handheld," so I kept turning it on to see if it would quickly recognize the charger but it didn't. Now if I press the power nothing happens and if I take the battery out and put it back in the led goes red and then turns off. If I leave the charger in will it eventually charge?
    05-17-13 03:57 PM
  2. fryk's Avatar
    You have completly drained the battery. Just put it on the charger and don't mess with it,or try to turn it on. It will come back give it some time
    05-17-13 04:33 PM
  3. dfinnamore14's Avatar
    Ok, so it turned on long enough for it to tell me the password I was entering was wrong, so Maxed out the tries and security wiped it, so it did the percent wiped thing, and after that it shut back off and won't comeback on, if I take the battery out ad plug it in, I get a battery with an x in it, but when I put the battery back in the led comes on and shuts off
    05-17-13 05:37 PM
  4. howards's Avatar
    Sounds like it's new battery time,

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9900 using Tapatalk
    05-17-13 07:27 PM
  5. axis.'s Avatar
    How long are you waiting for the phone to respond before trying something else? Blackberrys and batteries are extremely strange in my experience. If you're expecting immediate results, be a little more patient. My buddy wanted to borrow my old 9000 and the battery was completely drained in the phone. Tried 10 different things to revive the damn thing and one night I plugged it in and forgot about it and went to bed - I woke up the next day and the phone had turned itself on overnight and it was fully charged and ready to use.
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    05-26-13 09:08 PM

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