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    Ive had my bold for almost two weeks now and I love it, only issue I have is my battery at the most it will keep running for 2 days, nothing like what they talk about in the specs. This is with average time on the phone some where in the region of 25-35 mins over those two days and a bit of emailing. some web surfing.

    Any one else struggling with the battery?
    08-27-08 09:17 AM
  2. icp_wolf's Avatar
    Do you have programs running in background for instance Bluetooth? If you're on standby not using phone try turning Bluetooth off that will help save on battery

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    08-27-08 09:33 AM
  3. stan-hyd's Avatar
    Bluetooth isnt on.
    08-27-08 09:37 AM
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    For me I travel a lot and my phone continually changes towers I'm kinda used to battery draining quick. But I do know if you don't close programs it will drain also. Not sure what to tell ya

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    08-27-08 10:08 AM
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    In a Bold, here are things that can cut your runtime per charge:
    • Leaving GPS on
    • Leaving WiFi on
    • Leaving Bluetooth on
    • Leaving 3G on
    • Leaving the phone on
    When I travel, I carry a Tekkeon MP1550 pack ($25) loaded with 4 AA-size NiMH batteries; I can daisy-chain charge it & the BB at the same time & it adds a lot of juice - I can either keep it plugged into the handset or just plug it in when the battery bar heads toward hald.

    I choose to use NiMH in it because one charge usually carries me through a trip, but if it doesn't, I can hit a newsstand and slip in 4 AA alkaline cells or Energizer E2 Lithium cells and keep going.

    You can also carry spare BB batteries, but then you have to wait for reboot every time you swap them.
    08-27-08 10:19 AM
  6. Sammydj's Avatar
    I have WIFI and Bluetooth off.. The battery life seems to be around 1 full day of heavy use. The phone is still new so i'm using it constantly so i assume it will be two days once i'm using it "normally"
    08-27-08 11:28 AM
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    I think one full day is great, for a 3G smartphone having mid-to heavy use, especially a Bb that is always connected and is having emails pushed. I get a full day with my curve. I dont even send that many texts or emails. I only receive a lot of emails.

    ALso I have noticed that the Bold is a lot of peoples first 3G phone, and those people need to understand that on a 3G phone, the network signal strength plays a huge factor in the battery life. If the network signal is not so strong, the phone uses a lot more power.
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    08-27-08 01:03 PM