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    Hello, I hope some can suggest something else, or clarify if anyone has had a bad battery. I have had my 9700 for just over a year and about one month ago my battery just stopped holding a charge. Originally I noticed when the charge got to about 50% it would die almost immediately. The battery had a life of maybe 6 hrs and if I was playing a video or on the phone, much much less. Now I can only have about a 15 min conversation and the battery dies. And when I charge it, the battery reaches full charge in only about 15 min as well. I have contacted BB help and they suggested it might be a problem with any new apps that might be installed, but I ruled that out. Then I did a clean install of the OS ( and that hasn't helped. And I just installed OS, but I haven't seen change yet. Has anyone else hada problem with their battery like this or can anyone suggest a new fix if it might be a software problem. Thanks!

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    07-22-11 08:30 PM
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    I am also wondering if its due to a faulty battery that my 9700 gets warm when I charge it or when I browse, etc. Other wise its fine, but if I say, listen to TuniIn, especially on 3G, it will be quite warm. Screen too btw, not only the back. Thanks.
    07-22-11 08:33 PM
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    What I did was get an extended battery off ebay. $12 set me back, free shipping. Never looked back once I got it.

    Three to five days of battery life is a winner.

    My stock battery only lasted up to 20% until it "died" without notice or even a warning. I since threw it out to the battery recycling place.

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    07-22-11 09:54 PM