1. duffman3's Avatar
    Hi all, I've been having some device issues lately, mostly the inability to make phone calls and receive messages and stuff like that. After a long and grueling hour and half on the phone with at&t they decided to send me a new phone.

    So basically if I use the desktop manager to backup everything then plug in the new phone and restore it will everything work fine or is there a special way to do this?
    06-30-09 03:33 PM
  2. Jemjee's Avatar
    I've had to do this twice in the past week (don't ask). Here is a great link on how to back up all 3rd party apps:


    What I did was this. Follow the above steps to back up 3rd party apps. Then do a regular back-up through DM. Then, if you want to upgrade the OS on the new phone do it. Then do a restore on the new phone and reload your backed up 3rd party apps. Once you are sure everything worked, then feel free to wipe the old phone before sending it back.

    I'm sure other, wiser crackberry heads will have a better, more efficient way to do it, but it worked okay for me.

    Good luck.
    06-30-09 03:57 PM