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    The back wouldn't stay on my first Bold. I contacted the carrier asking for a new back and they sent me a replacement phone. (Apparently they thought it was the latch rather than the back, and they were probably right.) I sent the old phone back. The back on the second Bold had a more positive latch (I could hear a click when it latched) but it still falls off fairly often when I pick up the phone.

    I've read about quality control issues with the Bold, but I think this is more of a design issue. The way the case is designed, if I pick up the phone from the sides, it's too easy to push the camera button or the PTT button, so I tend to pick up the phone from the ends. Given the release button is on the end and hyper sensitive (you touch it very lightly to release the cover) I often end up picking up the guts of the phone and leaving the back on the desk. This hypersensitivity also means I occasionally drop the back on the ground when I accidentally brush the bottom of the phone against something.

    I tried putting a folded piece of paper behind the latch to more securely latch the phone. This worked too well -- I couldn't get the back off at all, without quite a bit of effort with a jeweler's screwdriver.

    A co-worker bought a "skin" for her Bold, so I got a chance to try it. Worked great, kept the back on great, had a great feel, but won't fit in the durned holster! I guess the next thing to try is one of those super thin snap-together skins. I keep thinking I shouldn't have to do this for a high-end phone.

    Meanwhile, daughter got an 8900 for her birthday to replace her (worn-out) 8310, and wow, is that a great phone. The same features as the Bold plus vibration reduction in the camera, and it has a Curve-style latch in the back that stays put until you need to open it. A *much* better mechanical design than the Bold, and in a smaller package to boot. I'm happy for her, but this only increases my frustration with this phone.
    07-27-09 03:50 PM
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    Mine is a "bit loose" in the sense you can feel it move. It's never unlatched though and I've found it's better than the other doors for Blackberries (aka Tour- the forums are dominated by loose door topics).
    07-27-09 07:34 PM