1. Noobie101's Avatar
    Sounds like somthing is lose or not glued properly and makes a rattling/crunchy sound when you press it. Is this normal?

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    08-25-11 11:05 AM
  2. londonHK's Avatar
    It's not normal. That happened to one of my 9900's, so I took it back to the store for a new one.
    08-25-11 09:47 PM
  3. Snowbren's Avatar
    Hi, I think I notice the same. Kind of a squishy feeling. Any thoughts? I read about the back bug (i.e., screen doesn't change), but this seems like a potential hardware issue.

    I don't think it will go away, so I womder if it is a little defect.
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    08-31-11 08:25 PM