1. ayush12345's Avatar
    I got the 9900 just last week. I loved the phone a lot until i started using it to power the audio on my car using the auxiliary output jack. I dont know what the problem is but it sounded as if the voice is being pressed out.. As if theres is some sort of loose connection. I was in doubt and so i plugged in the earphones o check it out. I used a pair of BOSE earphones, so I am taking there should be no problem with the audio on it. The sound still sucked.. As if it was coming out through a cheap phone manufactured in China. That said, I exchanged by phone giving a few dollars but the problem still seems to persist on this handset. The quality of the sound was way better on the 9780. Anybody else facing this problem ?? Any possible solutions to it ??
    I have kinda started to hate this phone for that..
    08-22-11 04:18 AM