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    I have been using the Bold for around 2 months now. Currently running os, previously I was running os I have set-up my Bold with all the battery efficient settings that are recommended in this forums/tips etc.

    I am using the auto on/off feature to switch off the phone every day @11pm and switch it on @7am. Consistently I am finding that during this period of 8hrs though the phone is off it losses around 20% of the battery charge. Is this normal?? One would think that in the power off state the phone if at all will be using really miniscule power.

    What have you guys observed?? With normal phone usage i.e say roughly 1.5hrs on phone / 30 msgs / around 30min browsing / 1hr music - with no standby or auto on/off mode enable the battery last just around 24hrs. which is not great but kinda in-line with observations regarding battery life made on the forums.
    05-31-09 07:09 AM
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    The battery should not lose any charge while the phone is off. You may have a defective phone or battery.

    First. check that the phone really does shut down for the night. You wouldn't be the first user to set on/oiff time and leave it set as "Disabled" so the on/off never implements.

    Fully charge the battery (until the charging symbol disappears from the battery indicator) and REMOVE the battery for at least 3-4 hours. Put it back and allow the phone to reboot then check battery level (Options/About). You should see 100% but 96% would be OK after the restart. That proves the battery does not self-discharge.

    Repeat the charge and retest, but this time manually switch off the phone and leave the battery in place. Now you know whether there is a leak through your phone's circuits and you can decide the correct course of action.

    WRT battery life in service, you will probably get around 24 hours with the load you describe. However I recommend topping up the battery whenever you get the opportunity, so it never drops to very low charge levels. This should give you better overall life before you need to replace the battery. Lithium batteries don't like deep discharge.
    05-31-09 08:36 AM
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    Yes, I top off my battery whenever it is needed. The deep discharge of batteries is never a good thing.

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    05-31-09 08:46 AM