1. babaroga's Avatar
    Here is the link:

    L u i s likes this.
    03-19-13 12:24 PM
  2. rroyy's Avatar
    It haz nothing new in it... Outdated apps w/ update cod version.
    03-19-13 02:53 PM
  3. L u i s's Avatar
    what do you mean?
    03-20-13 11:51 AM
  4. con4n007's Avatar
    thanks for AllLang
    03-21-13 09:50 PM
  5. Slash82's Avatar
    I have been running this release for a couple of days now.

    - best batterylife of all versions
    - very stable
    - fast camera autofocus

    - blackberry device analyzer won't work anymore
    - internet surfing is slightly slower than .869

    Over all:
    I like this version best by far!
    L u i s likes this.
    03-26-13 10:53 AM
  6. yeek's Avatar
    A couple issues:
    1. Blackberry Device Analyzer is missing can't be enabled with "ALT-BBDA"
    2. Gmail App (2.0.7) stop working with error "Unexpected Server Response"
    03-26-13 10:48 PM
  7. geppoG1's Avatar
    try it for a week...just go back to .865:with this release my phone has too much "wait" icons and BBDA don't work.Anyway...thanks!!!
    03-27-13 11:38 AM
  8. fmma's Avatar
    Using this version for days. Everything seems to be fine. I am from .746.
    03-28-13 01:43 PM
  9. sutch_hhvd's Avatar
    Battery life was very quite. Not Drain. Excellent for that version OS !
    03-29-13 01:42 AM
  10. rytec's Avatar
    Hi guys, I'm running version now on my new Bold 9790.
    Do you recommend me to upgrade to a newer version such as .746 or higher or let it be as it is?
    Thanks for a few tips.
    05-17-13 05:00 PM

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