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    So I live in a town called Fleming Island, and there's a main street that after about 12 miles leads to a highway 295. Well I have a very specific problem, I work past that point but when I get around 295 I get the Sim not allowed error. Battery pull etc doesn't work, manual network select says something about try again when not in a voice call? When I get back on my side of town I get the same error, but if I do a soft or hard reset it will connect back to the network.

    Well as you can see this is a bit of a problem for when I need to go to that side of town/work. Is it just my phone? I've replaced the simcard do I need to specify a certain type of sim?

    ALSO I had a plan with tmobile before for years, even had this phone on it, no problems. Then they had a 'new customers 30 dollars a month unlimited text/data with 100 minutes a month' so I switched to that, and that's when I started to have this problem.
    05-28-13 03:08 PM
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    Were you roaming a lot on your old plan? I think the prepay plans don't include roaming (the postpay ones do).
    05-28-13 05:06 PM
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    The other one was a pre-pay one as well. It was a 10centsaminute+unlimited texting for 15/month

    I'm heading out later today and I'm taking my 9900 and my old 8900 or something with the horrible ball. I'll see if its the phone, if it's fixed since I updated it that'll be the end of it, it its the phone/something else I guess I'll just have to save up for a Q10 on my birthday. Though Iono how I feel about removing the touchpad completely

    [Update] So the updated os didn't fix it, does anyone know where I can find a copy of I think it is the guy said that still had the 2g network selection option still available on att phones? I tried one I found and it didn't have it. Does it need to be from a specific vendor?

    Also it is the phone, when I switched to the 8900 it worked, but I just can't live with using that ball. I jotted down on memo on it though the message that pops up when trying to select a different network when it says simnotallowed on the 9900, 'Unable to acquire network: try again later when the radio is on and a voice call is not in progress'
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    05-28-13 05:29 PM
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    Desperation bump
    05-29-13 08:32 AM

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