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    OK so I haven't been able to get beejive, facebook or ubertwitter to work/connect today on my bold. I just sent myself a test e-mail from my work e-mail and I'm failing to receive any notifications. I'm not sure what's going on. I'm on ATT and this is the first time I've come across something like this. I've had the phone for almost a year now. Any ideas/suggestions?
    06-08-09 03:59 PM
  2. Username00089's Avatar
    One question. Do you have the small Blackberry logo next to 3G? Maybe your data services aren't working all together.
    06-08-09 04:02 PM
  3. krisbizzle's Avatar
    yeah i got the small bb logo near 3G and have full bars in reception
    06-08-09 04:20 PM
  4. Username00089's Avatar
    yeah i got the small bb logo near 3G and have full bars in reception
    The default answer is to do a battery pull and see if the problem continues.

    And have you done anything to your phone recently? Maybe you need your application permissions to be reset to "allow."

    If battery pull isn't the trick,

    Options>>advanced options>host routing table>hit menu and select "register now"

    Also, login to BIS and re-send service books since you mentioned you had some e-mail trouble.
    06-08-09 04:23 PM
  5. krisbizzle's Avatar
    i installed qik and rebooted shortly after. noticed my problems so i did a battery pull. did the "register now" thingy and still nothing. i'm going to google this and search through forums but anyone had time to provide a quick how-to on logging in BIS to resend service book that would be greatly appreciated. thanks
    06-08-09 04:30 PM
  6. Username00089's Avatar
    06-08-09 04:32 PM
  7. krisbizzle's Avatar
    OK just resent my service books and crossing fingers. thanks for the help
    06-08-09 04:55 PM