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    This article landed in my in-box today. There are still many issues related to the 3G iPHONE and dropped calls which impacts the BOLD release.

    It appears that they can't decide if it is an ATT issue or there is an Apple issue.

    The result is that BlackBerry has no reason to sully it's reputation if the issue is an ATT carrier problem.

    Until ATT fixes the glitches concerning 3G, BB will likely stay out of the US market for another 4-8 weeks.

    Just FYI ..

    <quote>iPhone 3G Snags Keeping RIM's New Bold at Bay?

    Analyst report states upcoming BlackBerry device experiencing same network issues as Apple's iPhone.

    August 27, 2008
    By Judy Mottl:

    While AT&T and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) continue to wrestle with complaints related to 3G network issues with the latest iPhone, an analyst firm speculates Research in Motion may be delaying its latest product release to avoid the same problem. A report by Citi Investment Research, speculates RIM may be moving back the release of its BlackBerry Bold in the U.S. to make sure the network performance is acceptable.

    Following 12 hours of Bold product testing, analyst Jim Suva wrote the smartphone experienced "a few occasional 3G signal dropping troubles at some locations especially on high-rises building streets," as well as within Citi Group's 34th office floor location. The analyst noted that such glitches could be why AT&T has yet to launch the latest RIM smartphone into the US market.

    "Our view is RIM will not push out this device without resolving such issues via software patch or AT&T resolution," Suva wrote.

    An AT&T (NYSE: T) spokesperson said the carrier does not comment on product launches ahead of time. ... MORE in the article referenced below ...</quote>InternetNews Realtime IT News - iPhone 3G Snags Keeping RIM's New Bold at Bay?
    08-27-08 05:54 PM
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    I'm currently an iPhone owner waiting for the Bold to be released so I can finally switch over to BlackBerry. As much as I want the Bold, I'm willing to wait, if it means a more reliable device and better network performance. My experiences with the iPhone have been horrible, and they're the main reason why I'm switching over to the Bold. Today, I had five dropped calls, and that's not nearly as bad as some people I know. So, in the meantime, at least I have videos and photos of the Bold I can lust over until I get my own
    08-27-08 06:16 PM
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    well im my opinion at&t service just sucks period. I dealth with them for almost 4 years always hoping the service would get better, but it just kept getting worse, and the CS sucks even more. So i finally had enough and switched over to TMO and have been very happy with the CS and reception/call quality in general. And they are no starting to get some decent phones, and i cant wait for them to release the BB Bold.
    08-27-08 06:30 PM