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    Hi. I have a blackberry 9700 and I just synced my address book in my blackberry to my apple address book. For some reason the email addresses did not sync while everything else did. Anyone have any ideas?

    blackberry os5/desktop 2.0
    MacOSX 10.6.3
    01-16-11 07:50 PM
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    Maybe I should suggest checking out the Mac users forum: http://forums.crackberry.com/f62/

    Also, have you ensured in the Messages, the options for which e-mail address is the default for syncing is selected, checked and set?

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    01-17-11 01:50 AM
  3. clennox's Avatar
    I just upgraded my BB Desktop Software but now have a sync error - details show that over 800 entries need to be synced.

    When I look at 'details', the 'before' shows a phone number field called "Main Fax" the 'after' shows a phone number field called "Other", with the same phone number targeted.

    There are a handful of other syncs such as address blank in 'before' and completed in 'after. I found these by just scrolling down the list with my down arrow and scanning the 'before' entries as they flew by.

    There seems to be no way for me to manually choose which of the 'before' and 'after' I'd like to have.

    Worst of all, I called Rogers for sync support, as I have done for years. Guess what? They've stopped supporting anything but their actual network connections, but didn't bother to tell their customers. There I was in a 'user down' situation, late for an appointment (missed it totally thanks to this), and they were telling me the most they can do is send an e-mail. Or *pay* for the support that used to be free, by purchasing a 'premium support' package. Yikes!

    So, I clicked 'sync later' on the address book, and am looking for help before I try another sync tomorrow.

    For example, ideas to help me manually over-ride the data field mapping from 'Main Fax' to 'Fax' in Blackberry Desktop Software.

    Anyone have any ideas? Much appreciated!

    I live in Canada, by the way, so if you are a Rogers customer in Canada, take note of their change in support.

    Thank God I did a backup before I upgraded my Blackberry Desktop Software.

    Macbook Pro, Leopard o/s
    Apple Address Book
    Blackberry Desktop Manager Version 2.1.2 build 8
    Blackberry 9700 Bold
    08-17-11 01:00 PM