1. soferfam's Avatar
    Hi all... Took delivery of my first set of HA's (Oticon Dual XW and streamer) today.

    1. Connects fine to the Blackberry Bold via Bluetooth. Everyone tells me that my voice in calls are tinny and full of echo... Any suggestions?
    I get the same echo and tinny sound when connecting to my laptop via bluetooth to use Cisco VOIP softphone

    2. When using the Bold via handset I can adjust volumes fine on the Bold. When connected via Bluetooth to the Duals, the Bold volume is at about 60% and I can get 2 extra clicks worth of volume increase from the HA control units, but the volume indicator on the Bold does not move..... Have not seen this to be the norm on Bluetooth headsets??

    Any ideas are appreciated... Thanks, all
    01-16-09 02:35 AM
  2. Boo yaa's Avatar
    I use a Beetle H-2ST Stereo bluetooth headset which allows me hear directly into my phonak hearing aid. The headset has a microphone and I've been told that the quality of my speech is fine. I tried Siemens new TREK bluetooth HA and device which was quite expensive ($6000 US) and for $150 US find that the Beetle headset has been great! I use it extensively for work! It will also allow me to hear the music from my Bold, again directly into the HA.
    01-16-09 02:08 PM
  3. 2kewl4rulz's Avatar
    I have Oticon Epoq BTEs and just got new ear molds made and regular sound is good; however, when using BB 8330 curve in bluetooth mode with HA's sound is super loud. Audiologist said that there's a way to change settings in the phone to lower the volume but I haven't found it yet.

    Streamer issues are a different story. I've had mine over 1.5 years and my first Streamer had a defective speaker in it and was replaced, additionally, did you know that there are two sizes of cords (long and short)? I now have the shorter one and others hear me just fine.
    07-30-09 04:51 PM