07-14-11 12:46 PM
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  1. poochakanninc's Avatar
    I just came back to my old 9650 from a HTC Thunderbolt. I was tired of the inconsistent email arrivals, unacceptable battery life, lack of BBM (although Kik was a decent replacement), and consistent reboots. My main issue was really messaging. RIM is just so much more reliable.

    What do I miss? 4G speeds - but it was worth losing that in order get a much more reliable phone.
    07-10-11 09:19 PM
  2. Redbird1's Avatar
    I had the Samsung Fascinate on VZW for a painful 10 days. POS phone on a network that thinks their s^!t doesn't stink.

    Get this, the bluetooth had to be manually connected every time I started my car! That was my biggest complaint, but not my only one.

    Anyway, It's good to be back on BB......
    07-12-11 12:55 PM
  3. Mr Bigs's Avatar
    As much as I like the looks of this new Bold I just can't do it. I'm used to a phone with true apps and a useable browser experience. The whole email thing I found to be false and have had better performance from Android. Once QNX makes its way to a handset than maybe bit as it stands now **** No I won't go.
    07-12-11 03:19 PM
  4. hew_c's Avatar
    What didn't you like about the iphone? I am torn between the upcoming iphone 5 and the 9930!!
    Question wasn't directed to me, but I'll add a comment...

    I am an Apple loyalist when it comes to computers. I stood in line for the iphone many times. I owned the 1st three. Then one day my employer issued me a blackberry curve (no choice on my end) and I fell in love. Haven't had an iphone in almost 2 years. It isn't that the iphone doesn't do cool things... it does. It's user friendly and reliable.

    But.. there is just something about the blackberry. I love the weight of it, the way it feels in the palm of my hands, and of course the LED light. That is essential since my phone has to go on silent often. And then there is the keyboard.... I thought I could type well on the iphone until I started using a blackberry. I don't think I can ever give those qwerty keys up!! I could type a thesis on this blackberry! I use the heck out of it!!

    When I had the iphone, I found myself randomly surfing the web and playing games, but waiting until I got home to answer emails and never texted over a few words in reply to messages. And one other thing that was annoying about the iphone is the lack of multi-tasking. If you have yahoo chat up and hit another button then it logs you out. You have to keep an app up to stay active in it. My chat is always "on" with the blackberry!

    I am excited about the Bold touch and will be purchasing it ASAP if and when AT&T offers it...
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    07-12-11 03:45 PM
  5. cw0974's Avatar
    I left BB for awhile for Android device and I loved the android OS for awhile and all the apps..but once the new wore off, I wasn't even really using the apps..I mostly would just browse through the market place. I really got bored with it, so I went and got the Torch..so I must say I'm glad to be back again.

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    this is also exactly what i am feeling. I had so much fun customizing icons, themes, trying out all the home launchers, but now it's wearing down very fast. I used to have 193 apps, got rid of most of them and now i'm running around 40-50 apps 30 of them being apps that came with the phone. a lot of useless things that i use maybe once and then it just collects dust. eh.
    07-13-11 12:22 AM
  6. terreos's Avatar
    Had the original motorola droid and jumped to the iPhone 4. Originally had a bb storm as my first smartphone and I don't know why I keep trying different devices. All too focus on making the phone flashy and neglecting the core values of a phone.

    My BlackBerry storm was good. But like any BlackBerry device back then it had slow web browsing and crashed every now and then. But, the notification system on the device was great. LED would blink when I had a message, little icons on the top of screen letting me know what kind of notification I missed, SMS and email organization was the best I've seen. It didn't work so well as an mp3 player as sometimes it couldn't read the memory card but, all in all I liked it.

    I jumped to the droid because I figured the improved web browser would be cool. And it was another iPhone killer. So to speak. Plus it had a physical keyboard. When it first got the device I was nuts about it. Nice touchscreen, durable phone, notification light, great apps to make the phone suit my needs better, good camera, and I could go on. However, over time it slowed down, battery didn't last a day, got emails hours after they were sent, never received emails from none gmail accounts. So once the glory of owning the next greatest new device wore off I wanted to get rid of it. Sadly, my choice was a poor one.

    I got the iPhone 4 for Verizon on launch day. I figured so many people love this device that it would suit me well. And I figured it would be like the android that I could change it up with apps to suit my needs. Boy was a wrong. First day I had the device I had to jailbreak it just so I could make the phone function the way I wanted. I couldn't even use my own music for text tones for contacts without jailbreaking the phone. It also has some of the worst reception for phone calls that I've ever used. Sadly, it has the issue with holding it the wrong way will drop a call. It does take great pictures and works great as an mp3 player. My list of positives honestly ends there.

    Out of all the smartphones i liked the blackberry the most for it's reliability, andrpid for its adaptabilty, and IOS for. . .its my mp3 player? So I'll wait to see reviews on the Bold 9900/9930 and might finally return to Blackberry. Really miss the reliability a Blackberry gave me.

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    07-13-11 05:34 AM
  7. celeste9000's Avatar
    I will be leaving Verizon and Android and going to Tmobile and the Bold 9900. I used to think Android was soo cool, and in most cases it still is, but that "wow" factor has 'left the building'. I realize now that I dont surf the internet, watch videos, or do much customizing anymore. I use my Tab or my iPad. As for the apps, I dont download many, and I still don't use more than half of what I do download. Typing is a nightmare! I just cannot seem to get used to typing on a touchscreen on cell phones. Not to mention the battery life (I have a Thunderbolt) and all the issues I am currently having with rebooting, freezing, and signal loss. I think the only thing I will miss is the widgets. I can't wait to go back to BB. I had a Pearl, a Curve 8320 (loved that phone), and the original Bold. I miss the keyboard, shortcuts and ease of doing things. I will be taking off work the day it comes out for Tmobile
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    07-14-11 12:46 PM
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