1. csiguy1's Avatar
    Anyone know when the charging pod/station will be out and where to get it. I would like to buy it from CrackBerry. I have one for my 9650 and don't want to be without one for my new Bold.
    08-14-11 11:26 PM
  2. asdfjkandreax's Avatar
    I know if you pay full price and get it from shopblackberry they're shipping already. I got mine the other day, came in two days. I think it was worth it though so I have it for day one with my new Bold. Don't know about any where else. I checked Amazon and came up with nothing, so I jumped the gun.
    08-14-11 11:30 PM
  3. csiguy1's Avatar
    Thanks ASDFJK, I really would like to give Kevin a shot first.
    08-14-11 11:36 PM