1. Brnkvc's Avatar
    I am considering getting the 9700. Can ya'll that already have it tell me any issues that you are having? Performance, compatibility, hardware, etc?

    11-12-09 06:04 PM
  2. jeiser271's Avatar
    Well I have the Bold 9700 and if you really like this model and can affrod the 9720 buy it, the 9700 was made to run OS 5, even thugh it can run OS 6 to my opinion it is not the best OS to run on the 9700. You can also buy an extended battery for the Bold 9700, running it with OS 5 and 3g connection the battery can las about, 3 and half days. As to my experience the original battery for the 9700 will break eventually. In conclusion if you have the money the 9720 will give you a better performance, but overall the 9700 is a great device.
    03-25-13 01:15 PM
  3. cevag's Avatar
    Way to get a threat out from the ashes!

    The 9700 is imo one of the best blackberry ever, still use one to this day. this phone just give me peace of mind, I know the battery will last all day long no problem. Does everything the newer BB can do (not including BB10). the price you can get them now days, you can't go wrong.
    04-04-13 06:30 PM