1. jrsva2008's Avatar
    Had this on my other thread about whether to keep my 9900 or go to Q10...think better to do a separate thread because maybe someone else has an idea

    Love my Bold 9900 (ATT). Works fine for me and my needs. Have been satisfied with the email and texting aspects. Use gmail, yahoo, and hotmail. I'm not that into apps (my two banks are fine on 7.1). The BIS connection we were forced to do with of Google calendar and Google contacts since Active Sync was dropped is what frustrates me. Random drop of wireless sync and I get an email on gmail, yahoo and hotmail that I need to reset the wireless sync. Never sure when it happens and can go days no problem, and then drops, or even multiple times one weekend. I live in a populated, easy signal area...upstate NY Hudson region. Not driving around or anything. Jjust sitting on my desk at work, pop there it goes. Sure, just a couple clicks to reengage Google calendar and contacts, but never did find out what was causing that. Something with BIS and Google I suppose? Sure, the Q10 I'm test driving is faster and certainly syncs my calendar and contacts reliably...but cost isn't cheap? Less apps and the browser is of limited value. If I could fix the dropping of my sync signal, I'd still be a happy 9900 guy. I've went back through the forum, but did not see anything helpful. Ideas anyone?
    11-19-13 07:30 AM
  2. David Murray1's Avatar
    I can't say I do but then I don't wirelessly sync my calendar and contacts with Google as I've found it to be flaky and doesn't really work very well. I back up my contacts and calendar using BlackBerry Protect. A Q10 would probably do a better job of fully syncing all your data, admittedly.
    11-19-13 02:47 PM
  3. David Murray1's Avatar
    I've just set calendar/contacts syncing with Gmail up again to see how it goes. I have to enter my app-specific password into my BlackBerry because I use two-factor authentication for Gmail/Google services. I also have the Google Authenticator app on my 9900 which generates the rolling numbers required for accessing my Google services on other devices. Very cool!
    11-19-13 03:18 PM
  4. jrsva2008's Avatar
    Yes, when the linkage with Google worked, it was a breeze. Email formed up fine after the password entered. Calendar and contacts fine. (I also did a full backup with Protect which was so simple and trustworthy). It was the randomness of the drops that concerned me. Gmail would not drop off but the wireless sync box for calendar and contacts would uncheck itself. Easy enough to recheck...but random and mysterious? Maybe thinking it was a hardware issue, or is this a reoccurring trait of BB and G now that ActiveSync is gone. Hoping posting here will help fill that out...
    11-19-13 05:49 PM
  5. jrsva2008's Avatar
    OK...not sure what issue is..but deciding in my test drive of the 9900 and Q10 I've been doing this fall, I'm going to step forward into the BB10 and keep the Q10. Sure will miss the 9900...it was so much the Blackberry I wanted (to think I wasted 18 months in android world). OK, the 5.0 camera was second rate, but wished I had stayed. Glad to be back. I'll take my chances with BB's future. This Q10 just keeps surprising me. Will miss that 9900 though...guess I said that already too, didn't I? Sigh.....
    11-20-13 09:44 PM

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