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    As the header says, I am on build 18xx and tried to upgrade tonight to the final build.
    Crashed big time. Had to reset, reboot, and reload everything to build 18xx again.

    Anyone able to upgrade successfully? And if so, any issues?

    10-18-13 10:33 PM
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    You are going need to supply a few more details. How are you upgrading? Are you using Desktop Manager or Loader.exe? Do you remember to delete the two vendor.xml files?

    Where are you getting that OS from? And which one is it?

    Generally people round here talk about the "App Version" which can be found by hitting <ALT><SHIFT><H>. I am running (2921) which is referred to as v6.66 round here. (It is actually from 2011 - but has been doing great for me)

    There are a few v7.xx releases. The latest being v7.56 from Vodafone UK in May 2013. The build number of that is (3170).

    Dig back through this 9780 forum and you will see various long threads on people's opinions of the various builds. Generally once you are up past v6.50 there are not really any "show stopper" bugs. A few niggles were around in the early v7.xx releases but never saw any major complaints with the latest v7.56 release.

    Personally I stay with v6.66 as it has rock solid UMA support which is important to me. And, being odd, I just like the number. This OS has done fine service for me with stunning battery life (but then I have said this a few times in my past posts...)
    10-19-13 05:02 AM
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    Thank you for the reply. Sorry to be vague. I'm pretty tech savvy, especially with BBerry, but it was late last night when I posted.

    I'd be happy with the build I am on, but I assumed that since I lost Appworld during an upgrade to that app early this year (a forced upgrade - BBerry said old version no longer worked) I lost the Icon, CAN NOT get it back no matter what I have tried, and assumed it was because I was on an old build and had to upgrade to get Appworld working. I also lost WhatsApp after I upgraded that app. Never to return. It's frustrating. I no longer upgrade any apps, fearing loss of Icon or similar error issues that are generated once the app is upgraded.

    OK, here are the details. I no longer do UMA, as I'm on on Simple Mobile VS T-Mo.
    Version which was just one upgrade from out of the box. I upgraded to bundle 1879 a few years ago.
    I am using BBerry Desktop Manager to upgrade, and it is only offering me one upgrade to bundle 3049.
    When trying to load this via DT Manager, the device reboots mid-upgrade (unexpected) and windows error "Program has ended unexpectedly and must shut down" appears, and BBerry shows error screen, RELOAD SOFTWARE.

    I have no issue with the build I am on, as it seems solid. Except I can no longer upgrade any apps nor get a working Appworld.

    10-19-13 08:41 AM
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    Okay... you have an absolutely ANCIENT OS there. Plenty of known bugs in it. So it is not surprising apps like AppWorld and WhatsApp are failing to work for you. Apps get developed for the latest releases of OS, so that could be what is causing you so many issues. Time to get shot of the old OS.

    As you seem to be having headaches with the OS version being offered by your carrier, we will go the manual route. Sorry if I repeat things you know here but everyone has different skill levels.

    Let me now find a nice big copy and paste lump to drop in here....

    (Post will be edited a few times as I add instructions and linkys for you... I have to start by combing back through my posts to find this info.... )

    Edit #1: How to upgrade using loader.exe

    Thread about .749 with download link in first post

    Here is a thread for .756, the very latest release from 2013. Again, download link in first post.

    Note that as long as you delete the vendor.xml files then any OS from any carrier will work fine on your Bold.

    New OS versions have basically dried up for our Bold's, but then these .6xx and .7xx releases have been pretty solid. Never seen anyone posting here complaining of serious issues. So you can probably just jump straight to .756

    Only have ONE of these OS's installed on the PC at a time. Otherwise some people have reported the upgrade process can get confused.

    Make sure you have a good backup before you start. Even though these updates will backup your data anyway, best to be sure with your own backup.

    If the update fails, don't panic. Just start again and re-run the backup.

    When the first stage of the update has been done, you will find the phone reboots. This is a time to run away from the PC and make a cuppa. Open a beer. Anything to waste time. Don't be tempted to sit and look at the screen as it can look like it has stalled. Sometimes it can take ages here. Looking like nothing is happening. Then suddenly it progresses again. So - best to just walk away and leave it.

    Notice that during update you will see a page that lets you choose which apps are on the phone. I'd scroll through this list and check AppWorld is selected. Personally I throw out stuff I don't need. I get rid of Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, MSN and the extra languages. All helps on the space front.
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    10-19-13 09:34 AM
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    Thanks Batter.
    I will upgrade off my carrier and report back. If I can get a working BBworld, with WhatsApp, I'll be happy!
    I'll have no issues with the instructions. I'm shocked I can't load my carrier's latest bundle, but que sara sara.
    More news later.
    10-19-13 06:11 PM
  6. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    There is zero advantage in trying to use the version the carrier is offering you. In fact, that is usually pretty old. Especially going by the numbers you've given so far. There is also a possibility that this is a corrupted download from them. Another reason to pick your own OS.

    Grab one of the three OS's I list above and just make sure the vendor.xml file(s) have been removed and you'll get the best that RIM produced for us.

    I am a little confused as to you quoting "" as I don't know where the five has come from in that version. The Bold 9780 OS versions all start 6.0.0.xxx. Or are you quoting the Platform?

    <ALT><SHIFT><H> takes you to the help screen. The important value you want to read is App Version: What does yours currently say?

    You mentioned upgrading to "Bundle 1879" years ago... which just seems an incredibly low number.

    I have a handful of installers stashed, and from a quick check I still can't find anything as old as what you seem to be quoting.

    This list is not complete... but it is a guide to numbers.


    Okay... so a random list from 2011 to 2013. Some official, some leaked betas. All downloaded via this forum. (I assume the leaks explain why the "PL6.6.0.xxx" sometimes gets out of sync with the main version.)

    Blackberry Desktop Manager quotes the purple number. Most users of this forum quote the red numbers. I think you are quoting the blue numbers.

    But no matter which way you look at that list your carrier is handing you an ancient and buggy OS to make use of. "PL6.5.0.136" must be one of the really early OS releases as I don't even have it on my list! My list starts with PL6.5.0.153 which is OS Version From what I remember, that is the OS that my phone was shipped with in 2011. And that was buggy as hell.

    Pick something newer. Not only are there less bugs, but the battery life improved, signal quality on 3G improved, the "double character" bug was fixed, and numerous other items that I forget about now.
    10-20-13 04:21 AM
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    As savvy as I am, you humble me.
    Well, we all are truly outstanding at a few things, and this is one of them for you.

    I'm USA T-Mobile. Build 1879 was a very much needed upgrade that mostly stabilized the UMA Voice over Internet Auto Transfer that they touted back then. Not important to me now as I switched to Simple Mobile, and MVNO of T-Mobile here in the US. There were a few other bug fixes as I recall, but not much. The only other build was the one that I tried to upgrade to. And searching here, you find that many stayed with 1879 as it was fine, and the next build caused a few issues. Everything was fine for the "most" part. I would have issues with the dreaded REBOOT LOOP if I tried to load Pandora and a few other Apps. The final straw was in January or February when RIM decided that I absolutely HAD to upgrade to their new "BBerry World" instead of the old "AppWorld". Most of us (if you read the archives here) lost our icon for that much needed app world. And if we tried to upgrade any OTHER apps when we got the notice that we should, we would lose THAT app's icon too, or get other errors. I was pretty happy with the apps I had left and almost decided to just leave it as it is a sunset product, then realized it was probably the old build that was causing the issues. And the darn thing still has life left in it, and I enjoy using it for BUSINESS. Thus I am here.

    Build 1879 (which I am running) from T-Mo USA yields : (alt-shift-h) as the Platform and an app version of with build 1879
    Build 3049 (if you could somehow get that to load - I can't) gives you 6.6.xxx (I do not recall the exact number but it is 6.6 and it is a non issue anyway since it will not load.

    I'll probably upgrade to your .666, as you seem happy with it.

    I'll get it done tomorrow (Monday) and report back. You, sir, are a live saver.

    10-20-13 10:02 AM
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    My daytime job is running an IT Support company. I'm a troubleshooter and solution finder. PCs, Macs, Phones, tablets, TVs, you name it - I cover it. So I have to deal with these kinds of things all the time. Huge old background of IT since the 1980s. So yeah - I kinda like messing with this stuff. I also know I am still learning... technology is constantly morphing.

    I come to these forums as there is the fun of using my knowledge to help total strangers on the other side of the planet. Share the Blackberry love.

    Yes, I understand why you would want to stick with an old OS. But when you see the problems you are now getting, it looks like time to upgrade. I only came into Blackberry in March 2011 so don't really have the history before that date. I do remember how many versions poured out during 2011 and was an avid reader of this forum at the time watching the bugs get fixed. The one that especially annoyed me was the "double character" bug when sending messages.

    To me, UMA is vital and that didn't get stable for me until after v650. My own house has minimal phone coverage - I used to have to stand in the front window to make a call!! UMA opened up the whole of my house for me to be able to phone from.

    What I especially enjoy about UMA is when I am working in a client's basement. I am often in deep Victorian cellars a long way underground with thick walls all round and I get odd looks when my mobile goes off and I start talking on it. All those sad iPhone users have no way to make calls.

    I do like .666 and stubbornly stuck with it. Though there is no real reason to avoid .723 or .756 if you want to get mega up to date. The threads above give you the thoughts of forumites when using it.

    Looking at the dates of my saved files I notice that I don't have anything from 2012. All of these versions listed in my post above are between July 2011 (.600) and December 2011 (.723). The newest release of (.756) came out only in May this year. Don't think anything made it out for the Bold in 2012. Which shows how solid .723 was.

    I stick on .666 as it does everything I need it to. And I never needed to do any weird hybrids. Also never do a battery pull. The phone just works... beautifully... and still has a battery life of multiple days which makes other smartphone users jealous.
    10-20-13 10:43 AM
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    I understand UMA needs. Unfortunately for me, my T-Mo monthly bill was topping $220 American and that simply was too much, so I switched to Simple Mobile (their MVNO) for $50 unlimited, but no UMA. My Droid (that I carry for backup) has Google Voice via GrooveIP so I can do VOIP via that, although my cell number does not transfer, obviously.

    I get to Great Britain frequently, and enjoy London very much. I take the Chunnel a lot to Paris. I used to live there and speak fluent French, as well as Yankee English (big grin). What I really loved about BlackBerry was the simplicity I could get from international BIS at a fraction of the cost of Data Roaming. Also, UMA in Europe for T-Mo USA was free. They said you "may" have to pay, but that was not true, at least for me. I called back to the States all the time for free via UMA. Now T-Mo USA is touting absolutely free WORLDWIDE Data Roaming. So BBerry BIS roaming is not as big a dollar saver as it was. As a sidebar, I used to marvel at all the BlackBerry ads on the Tube in London. Those have dwindled a lot over the years.

    Anyway, I'll play with the upgrades, and report back. I'm pretty tech savvy. Used to be a V.P. for a Computer Data company, and have a history of electronics and data. I'll get it done. And I'll "Mind the Gap".

    Thanks again.

    I got it done. .666 loaded via apploader. Easy as pie. Works great. THANKS SO MUCH!
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    10-20-13 11:27 AM
  10. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    Hopefully one thing other readers of this thread will learn is - never trust your phone company to give you a decent OS. Most phone companies want you buying new phones, so quickly give up on supporting old kit. Sounds like your phone company are stuck in the past offering ancient versions. I give credit to Apple for being cunning and managing to bypass the phone provider and update their phones via iTunes. For us Blackberry guys it is almost as simple - as long as we know the trick of deleting those daft vendor.xml files.

    I spend around a tenner ($16US) a month on my phone use. Mainly by being cunning and getting clients to call me. Making use of lots of free texts. And absolutely hammer bbm talking to the girlfriend. Without the free bbm I would be bankrupt!!

    I am technically on Orange here in the UK. They bought out T-Mobile and added their base stations to their own network. Then renamed the company to EE. This now means I do actually get 3G across the whole of my house thanks to a T-Mobile mast covering the rear of my house.

    One little oddity with v.666 I notice is sometimes I see the 3G symbol instead of UMA when I am at home. Rarely notice any issues with this. Except for sometimes when the local football stadium empties out its 30,000 seats and overloads the 3G network!! LoL!! The rare times I see delays on bbm I use the "Manage Connections" option that is found by clicking on the top of the front screen. Here I will toggle the Mobile Network and WiFi connections off then on again. I can't say if this is a "bug" or just a few oddities that sometimes occur due to my old WiFi network. I may do that once every three months I guess. (Remember - I almost never do battery pulls)

    UMA and 3G is certainly good enough in v666 that I can be at my house on UMA via my WiFi... start a call... walk to the neighbour's while swapping to their WiFi... and then walk out into 3G. Brilliant. With my previous mobile phone I'd always have to run to the end of the street for a really clear conversation with a client... not the most convenient!!

    As to speaking French... LOL... I live on the South Coast in Sussex and can't talk a word. Well, apart from important phrases like ordering a beer. Something I can do in a handful of European languages. Its all about learning the important stuff
    10-20-13 12:30 PM
  11. BBerryPowerUser's Avatar
    Good to see your priorities are straight.

    I love London, and G.B. in general. If you asked most people from America to mention a fantastic European city, they would say, "Paris". Not me. I much prefer London. I usually stay in South Kensington. Love it there. Just feel at home when I am there. I can't figure out why the Londoners are so fond of Starbucks, while the Cafe Nero coffee houses seem empty by comparison. I much prefer Cafe Nero. Probably because we don't have them in the States. And we've had Starbucks for decades, obviously.

    Anyway, it is SO NICE to have a BlackBerry that works again. Appworld and all. I can now squeak another year out of this machine. I replaced the battery (with a genuine RIM) earlier this year, so that is usually the only issue as the 9780 ages.

    I have a new shiny WindowsPhone 521 that I like very much, but still want to use the Berry for Business.

    I owe you one. Thanks again. .666 is a great build. Could be my imagination, but apps seem to load and perform better, and downloads are much swifter. Who knows, but I do know that it works great!
    10-20-13 07:00 PM
  12. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    Excellent news that it all worked for you. .666 has certainly done a fine job for me for the last couple of years. Improvements with releases during 2011 were certainly noticeable. And I am certainly not letting go of my Blackberry.

    And don't bring coffee into this conversation... I tend to hunt out the small independent store. Often French or Italian. I much prefer coffee made with care than some mega-chain coffee. The taste is so much better, but I am the kind of guy who grinds his own beans at home. Trouble is, once you have tasted real coffee, nothing else compares.
    10-21-13 03:22 AM
  13. BBerryPowerUser's Avatar
    I hear that. I'll send you a PM on that rather than bore our fellow CB Addicts here.

    Suffice it to say, for THIS thread, that you really bailed me out of a tight situation. I was about to scrap my 9780 altogether, and since I have a new Nokia 521 WP8, I'd most likely abandon BlackBerry. In the U.S., we are dwindling our BlackBerry users with amazing speed. Hopefully Europe and other continents will not be as swift in that regard.

    Thanks again mate! And Cheers! I'd buy you a beer but I'll not be in G.B. for another 8 months. Rain check, then.
    10-21-13 09:00 AM

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