1. data77's Avatar
    Can any Torch users feedback who picked up 9900. Provide feedback Pros/cons.

    Missing the larger screen? Thinking of returning or waiting for the for the beefy Torch version?

    Appreciate any feedback
    08-11-11 05:35 PM
  2. papped's Avatar
    If you're getting the AT&T version the 9810 will likely release first anyhow...
    08-11-11 05:37 PM
  3. data77's Avatar
    If you're getting the AT&T version the 9810 will likely release first anyhow...
    Hoping some peeps (in Canada) on crackberry who went form 9800 to 9900 can provide some input.

    I have a dying 9700, looking forward to the next phone...
    08-11-11 05:47 PM
  4. mohawk apple's Avatar
    I'm currently using the torch and would like to here some feedback too. Great question

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    08-11-11 05:50 PM
  5. Frosty_Power's Avatar
    Me too, 9700 to 9800, now possible a 9900....feedback please. Not sure as I still do enjoy the Torch, but saw the 9900 at lunch today, looks like a sweet phone. Almost pulled the trigger.
    08-11-11 05:51 PM
  6. Lepennenere's Avatar
    I believe it all depends on what the primary use will be. The 9900 has the best keyboard on any Blackberry I have owned: the weight and size of the device is prefect. That said, in my opinion the 9810 has a better and larger screen and if you are a heavy user of social media or web browsing the larger screen is easier and more enjoyable to use. The keyboard on the 9810 is the same size as the old 9700, and they improved the virtual keyboard as well.
    I haven’t decided which device will be my primary one yet.
    08-11-11 06:20 PM
  7. Bure03's Avatar
    for me, I always loved the bold series. I ended up getting the torch a year ago and started really disliking the sliding keyboard and heaviness of it. Got the 9900 yesterday and it is such a great improvement. Keyboard is the best, screen for me is the perfect size (clarity of the screen is really amazing) and its so light compared to the torch. The 9900 offers the best of both worlds, a fantastic keyboard with touchscreen capabilities
    08-11-11 06:30 PM
  8. parabola's Avatar
    I went from 9700 -> 9800, and didn't regret it. Loved the large screen, even if the keyboard was *slightly* harder to type on.

    But now that I have PlayBook with me most of the time, I don't really need the large 9800 screen. That being said, in a bit of browsing with the 9900 I definitely need to zoom in more often than I did on the Torch.

    But once I started typing on the 9900, I realized how much I missed my old Bold's keyboard. And this new one is even better! I wasn't sure about the width of the 9900 (wasn't a fan of the 9000 size), but the thinness totally makes up for it and it's a very comfortable device, even when carrying it in my pocket.
    08-11-11 06:41 PM
  9. hayito1's Avatar
    i used the Torch for three month and then i got a 9780 from Canada. Now i bought the 9900. My three biggest issues with Torch are amazing with the 9900.

    1) The keypad on the 9900 is great and the typing is great. It feels much better.
    2) The Build Quality. After some usage the Torch always seemed to little off. It was moving a little here and there
    3) The processor much better and everything just works much quicker.

    08-11-11 07:05 PM
  10. PrimalYeti's Avatar
    I picked up the 9800 when it was released in Canada (day of) and loved it. I had upgraded from the 9000 and loved the increased screen size and the touch screen navigation. After about 6 months though, its bulkyness really started to bother me. The 9800 is a really big phone, I love it for its screen size and physical keyboard and was worried that when I went to the 9900 I would miss the screen.

    Well, that isn't really the case yet. Sure, the screen is smaller so browsing would seem harder, but everything is so clear with the increased pixel density, and with the touch screen pinch to zoom it all feels really natural. Plus, when you pick up the phone, you're good to go! You don't have to slide it open to type. It's a lot thinner too so at first I actually didn't like the size/weight of the unit but have since gotten used to it. I actually moved my Torch today in to a drawer and LOL'd at how big it is.

    I honestly don't think you'll have any major disappointments going from the 9800 to the 9900. Sure, you might have a few times where you'll miss the increased screen size (maybe looking at Google Maps?) but overall, I know I will be happy with my purchase and probably won't be returning to the Torch line unless they find a way to slim it down a tad.
    08-11-11 07:21 PM
  11. Mikey_T's Avatar
    One thing I would miss from the 9800 is the touch-screen phone dialing. The big touchscreen numbers were a real blessing after my curve 8530 and dialing on the tiny keys all the time.
    08-11-11 07:39 PM
  12. kuksooler's Avatar
    I had the the two more recent bolds, and was to make the change over to the torch 9810 for the bigger screen, however, i got to play around with the 9900 this evening, and i'm really impressed with it. I figured it was going to be too wide, but it fit in the hand very well. i'm definately going to be picking up the 9900 now.
    08-11-11 07:46 PM
  13. bahandi's Avatar
    What about apps? Have they crossed over nicely?

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    08-11-11 08:12 PM