09-06-11 06:41 PM
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  1. bustermin's Avatar
    I am considering purchasing a new BlackBerry Bold, but I have seen threads posted with devices with problems.

    I relaize this is expected as it is impossible to make something and have every single device be problem free.

    My question is do any of you have regrets on your new purchase, should I just stay with my 9650 Bold for now?
    09-05-11 12:15 AM
  2. mhw100's Avatar
    I believe it is an excellent phone and great upgrade...but only you can obviously decide that.

    When you look at the number of problems I think you will find that there are not a ton of complaints piling in. This backs up what you said that there are some bum units in any batch of any product but by and large I think this is one of the better built phones RIM has completed.

    If you can choose your own rather than having to be sent one, I would arm yourself with the knowledge of some of the potential problems so that you can pick a error free unit e.g. non-flush call-end panel.
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    09-05-11 12:23 AM
  3. ibigberries's Avatar
    none whatsoever with my purchase. I really like the phone. People will complain to you about lack of autofocus on the camera and battery life. Just think about your needs. For me, a camera is cool on my phone but if i really wanna take pics ill just use my leica. And as for battery life, i've found mine to be good but not great. after following the tips in this article: http://crackberry.com/ten-tips-and-t...y-battery-life , i've had great battery life. I've never had to do a battery pull yet. Good luck with your decision.
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    09-05-11 12:27 AM
  4. flash24's Avatar
    Best decision I have ever made, and I am always bad when it comes to making decisions lol.
    09-05-11 12:32 AM
  5. o4liberty's Avatar
    I like the 9930 no issues here but coming from 9650 you might not see enough difference to warrant a change. The keyboard is great as well as web browsing and the size and weight is perfect. You should go play with one before you make a purchase so that you don't make a mistake and have to pay a restocking fee.

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    09-05-11 12:34 AM
  6. amboy83's Avatar
    I came from a 9650 and I am loving the 9930. My favorite phone ever.

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    09-05-11 01:22 AM
  7. The_Kills's Avatar
    Meh I will never get over the battery to be honest.

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    09-05-11 01:27 AM
  8. drfever's Avatar
    No regrets here. I've been waiting for a suitable replacement to my 9780 and was hanging on for the release of this device. If you owned the 9000 as I did you will love this device, or at least "should" like it. I don't want to speak for you.

    Most of the "defects" you read about on these forums aren't defects at all. The "non-flush" end call button strip not being flush with the sacreen is the most laughable excuse for a defect I have ever read about. As for squeeky buttons, squishy sounds etc... The device is built tight. What u are hearing is a snug fit. These all go away with use.

    These forums have become a place for obsessive compulsive complainers to whine and unfortunately they spread panic into newbies. The device is great. Don't sweat the small stuff.

    This is the device that I wanted since the 9000 left the scene. No regrets at all!

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    09-05-11 01:31 AM
  9. bustermin's Avatar
    Meh I will never get over the battery to be honest.

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    Is that a Bad or Good thing? Not sure what that means?
    09-05-11 01:33 AM
  10. dmusicman385's Avatar
    no regrets. best phone i've ever owned. ever. iphone, droid x, evo, dont hold a candle. I was a blackberry user before those phones, and after having them I came back to blackberry, it just keeps getting better.
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    09-05-11 01:38 AM
  11. Vihzel's Avatar
    I'm a Droid X and iPhone 4 user. This BB9930 is my first BB and my last. Lack of quality apps (if they even exist) is a major issue for me since I use quite a few apps on the X and iPhone 4. I don't see RIM really giving a crap when QNX comes out and they just get the Android Market and let Android developers deal with BB. I'm just waiting for either Droid Bionic, Droid Prime, or iPhone 5 to see what I want to switch to most. This'll be on EBay relatively soon!
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    09-05-11 02:12 AM
  12. Coffee Addict's Avatar
    It gets better by the day....the more I use it, the more I love this phone.
    09-05-11 07:44 AM
  13. jimpilot's Avatar
    I am completely satisfied with the phone
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    09-05-11 07:55 AM
  14. danimalchil's Avatar
    the only regret i have is that one extra shot of tequila last night. ha!!
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    09-05-11 08:15 AM
  15. Tuborgmann's Avatar
    This phone was exactly what i wanted, the well known BB OS in a fast and cool piece of hardware. No regrets.
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    09-05-11 08:25 AM
  16. rcm1301's Avatar
    I move from Tour to 9930 and am happy. Yes, the 9930 has some 'little pet peeves', but it is better the longer I use it.
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    09-05-11 08:47 AM
  17. chasvs's Avatar
    No regret whatsoever! Best damn BB I've ever owned. No, let me correct that, Best Damn Phone of any brand I've ever owned. Camera and Battery issues are so overblown it's pathetic! Those who ***** about the camera don't even know there are camera modes to select to give best results possible. Battery is proving to be 20-30% BETTER than I had on my previous BB Storm 2, so there are no regrets at all!
    09-05-11 08:51 AM
  18. bbueding's Avatar
    I'm super happy with mine, had it since the 15th and it's the best BB I've had, it's my 5th! Thanks
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    09-05-11 08:59 AM
  19. DaNomadicOne's Avatar
    I regret that i have iStone users as friends
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    09-05-11 09:05 AM
  20. gunston's Avatar
    gradually you would regret for little apps
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    09-05-11 09:11 AM
  21. RightyTightyLeftyLoosey's Avatar
    I haven't had a single build quality issue. Battery life great. Camera fine. Couple of apps not up to date for OS7 yet, but all my favourites are working. Honestly, its a great device.
    09-05-11 10:10 AM
  22. jinxednuance's Avatar
    I can't believe I waited one week to purchase the 9900. I should have gotten it on the day.

    No regrets whatsoever!
    09-05-11 10:12 AM
  23. schlemer's Avatar
    At first I was a bit apprehensive. I'm one of the very few that loves the Storm 2. I'm still keeping it as a back up. Honestly, I type much faster on the S2 using suretype. But the speed of the new 7 devices can't be argued.

    My only personal gripe is the almost iphone-esque form factor. I picked up the only slider case Verizon offered and it actually is pretty good. It even has a stand if needed.

    Back to the 9930. Call quality great, typing is addicting. I still like the one on the Torch 9810 slighly better for it's size. The 9930 does a have a higher resolution though.

    Truth be told, I've become such a fan of Blackberry, I wish I could have them all. You know collect them and trade them with my friends

    I currently have both 9930 and 9810. The form factor of the 9810 feels better in my hand, but the keyboard is better on the Bold.

    I suggest just buying and using your return period as the experimantal stage. Personally I don't mind the $35 restock fee is I were to return it. Call it a rental fee. It's only fair. Just use the **** out of it and be absolutely sure. If not, there is always ebay.
    09-05-11 10:21 AM
  24. world traveler and former ceo's Avatar
    Absolutely love the bb9900!! .. best in class smartphone, IMO! ....
    09-05-11 10:24 AM
  25. igotberryfever's Avatar
    This is the best bb i ever owned. i got friends with evos and i phones and its funny how they pick up my bb and its hard for them to put it down. lol i love the phone its of the highest quality!!!!!!!!!
    09-05-11 11:22 AM
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