1. DaveTheA's Avatar
    With my present 9900 set starting to show its age, I've been looking at my various upgrade options, however the cell phone scene is so chaotic and confusing I'm starting to think that my best option is....ANOTHER 9900.

    I'd like to buy a new 9900 outright, but the price is pretty high, even though the BB10 phones are taking the world by storm [haha...I know...].

    Can anyone speculate on whether there will be a significant price drop for the OS7 Blackberries in the near future? Maybe by the end of the year or even early in the new year? Thanks...
    10-06-13 09:58 AM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    How much are you prepared to pay? I've been eyeing a white 9900 on Amazon at around 280 U.S.
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    10-06-13 10:23 AM
  3. David Murray1's Avatar
    If it's true that they stopped manufacturing new ones then your only bet is to get refurbs or excess stock from eBay. Such a shame that they stopped manufacturing the Bolds (9790 and 9900) in favour of the 9720
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    10-06-13 11:13 AM
  4. mcgilli's Avatar
    Wow - I bought a new BB9900 for $160 of Ebay just a month ago.

    I first bought a used one for $100 to make sure I'd like it - then bought the new one. I agree - that finding brand new ones is really tough though. ANyways - you have to be diligent - and lucky to get it for less than $200 brand new.

    It's like the 9981. The brand new sealed black ones - on Ebay are in the range of $2100 Buy It Now. But I just won a new sealed one for $1300 on an auction 2 days ago. After looking multiple times per day for 2 weeks.

    Good luck!
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    10-06-13 01:55 PM
  5. DaveTheA's Avatar
    $200-300 would be doable for me, although I'd prefer a NIB unit over a used or refurb.

    [sigh] This always happens to me...when I find something that's really good, and I like it a lot, it goes out of production. I guess the secret is to not care...
    10-06-13 08:35 PM
  6. Teslaus's Avatar
    I'd be careful with purchasing one from Amazon. I picked one up from Mango Wireless for $152, refurbished. It arrived & looked brand new from the manufacture. But when I tried to activate it on Verizon, the rep. told me it was already activated on someone else's account. So needless to say I couldn't put it on my account. She wouldn't go into detail if the phone was "stolen or lost."

    So my next call was to Amazon customer care. I got reimbursed for the $152 to my card. I have since decided to just pick one up from Verizon. When I called the girl on the phone said they have about 2,000+ units available.

    If you can go with Verizon I suggest grabbing one from them & then wait a month or two & say you "lost it" somewhere when traveling. Then pay the reimburse fee for the new one they'll send you & now you have another one. Granted as long as you have insurance on the phone. Your allowed up to 2 replacements a year.

    Not the most legitimate way to do things, but your still paying for the phone regardless. When the second one arrives you can say you "found" your original. Or say nothing at all when it arrives. Then just keep the second one.
    10-06-13 09:46 PM

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