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    I know there have been plenty of these but I figure people are always looking for a review from someone with similar usage. My phone is used about 60% for messaging (SMS, IM, and where applicable, BBM). I'd say 20% is Facebook and Twitter, 15% light web browsing, and 5% phone calls.

    SMS - equal between the two as far as I can tell. Neither holds the advantage aside from the keyboard, which I'll cover later.

    BBM - nonexistent on iPhone, obviously.

    IM - the iPhone wins hands down. BB has the stock IM clients but they either lag or disconnect. IM+ and Trillian for Blackberry require you to set an IM push mode to your email. Beejive for BB used to be close, automatically intercepting the email push, but that hasn't worked since OS6 dropped. Beejive for iPhone is amazing, and utilizes native push which automatically turns on when the app is closed - like Beejive/BB used to.

    Email - BB hands down, simply because adding additional accounts doesn't use additional battery. (I forgot to include this in my messaging examples but it's included in the 60%).

    Keyboard - blackberry. No contest. however, that said, a touch keyboard isn't as horrible as you'd think. I'm typing this entire review on my iPhone. I can't type as quickly or accurately as I can on my BB, but I've had that for a year, and the iPhone for a week. I actually miss BB's autoreplacement shortcuts more than I miss the keyboard itself. The iPhone autocorrects "ill" to "I'll" which means you have to specifically cancel out of autocorrect to type the word ill. BB's method is better - when contractions overlap, leave off the last "l", so "ill" comes out as you'd expect and "il" autocorrects to "I'll".

    Screen - need I say more? The iPhone's 960x640 screen is simply amazing. This is a matter of opinion but I like it even better than the SAMOLED+ screen on the Infuse. It mops the floor with any screen in the current generation of BBs.

    Phone calls - BB wins. Being able to type from the home screen helps a lot when you're chasing a pair of Siberian huskies down the road and trying to call a friend for help. I hope I never have to find out for sure, but I'm not sure I could have managed that on the iPhone.

    Social networking - for app quality, the iPhone wins and the features are more complete. For app INTEGRATION, BB wins. You can't upload a photo from the iphone's camera app, you have to return to the Facebook app and upload from there. Unnecessary extra steps. BB seems more reliable when it comes to push notifications for comments.

    Browsing - iPhone, due mainly to the extra memory and screen real estate.I expect this to improve on the Bold 9900.

    Misc - the iPhone calendar doesn't let you jump to a specific date, you have to click through the months to find it. The animations are smooth on the A4 processor but seem like an unnecessary efficiency killer. The iPhone's camera is the best I've seen on a phone. The notifications are improving in iOS5, but I miss the BB's LED and the fact that the screen DOESN'T turn on when you get a message.

    Text entry fields are unpleasant on the iPhone - it's hard to scroll them, so if you forget something (like in my case, including email with messaging), good luck adding it.

    Overall the iPhone is solid even for my messaging-centric use, but even the year and a half old Bold is a good enough contender that I miss it. I will definitely be comparing the Bold 9900 to the iPhone when that comes out and the iOS 5 rollout begins - especially if the new hardware includes, say, a BB-esque LED, I think the new upgrades will nullify most differences except the keyboard.

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    07-02-11 11:51 AM
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    After using both of them for a decent amount of time I have concluded that the iPhone 4 thumps the Bold 9700 in almost every way.

    Chrono I'll go through you categories first and then I'll add some very important ones that I think you overlooked.

    SMS: Equal because they are both very similar

    BBM: Sure the blackberry has it, but the iPhone will soon have its own messaging system and has apps such as kik. Also, there are rumors that BBM will soon be making its way to android and ios

    IM: Blackberry has apps like beejive but the support for im on ios is much greater which makes it better

    Email: Blackberry wins again, especially if you're sending a lot of emails a day.

    Keyboard: Blackberry for sure, but I've gotten pretty used to typing on my iphone. Its not as good as a physical keyboard but its alright.

    Phone: As far as quality goes they're about equal, but it is easier to quick dial and dial in general on a blackberry.

    Screen: iphone hands down
    Camera:iPhone hands down
    Browsing: iPhone hands down
    Social Networking:iPhone hands down, especially with twitter integration coming
    Multimedia: iPhone is basically a full ipod. The blackberry can't compare.

    Apps: Now I know whenever apps are brought up around blackberry users the default response is something about how the don't need all those crazy and unnecessary apps and how they're all useless. I have tons of very useful apps on my phone that while not essential, are very useful and help to organize my life. As smartphones become more and more prevalent apps are becoming more useful as well( just look at things like nfc). Blackberrys have such a poor selection of apps its actually worrying me what the future will hold for them.

    Notifications: I like the LED light on blackberrys, but other than that the iphone takes it especially with ios5. I have it installed on my iphone now and its wonderful.

    When it comes down to it, if you're a corporate power user and need the physical keyboard and have to send off hundreds of emails a day then you need a blackberry. But if you're not that type of person then in my opinion the iPhone is a better choice. Its not as efficient, but what you lack in efficiency is made up with apps, camera, multimedia, and lastly company support. After reading the article on engadget about RIM releasing unfinished products to carriers and forcing them to accept them has really put me off blackberrys. I hate to be another pessimist to say this but I think RIM is a sinking ship and its obvious their investors think so too.
    07-02-11 12:20 PM
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    Great perspective and insight. Thanks for sharing. It will be interesting to see what the next year brings. The 9900 seems like a winner but also feels like a dead end due to the emergence of QNX. And the 9900 will be fighting ios5. By the time QNX hits, ios6 will be discussed and previewed, pitting a newbie against a 6th generation behemoth. It does not look good for RIM.

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    07-02-11 01:58 PM
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    The 9700 dosnt even stand a chance against the Iphone 4....
    07-02-11 03:25 PM
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    I agree with jbliv63, I'm concerned that rim has let themselves get too far behind. I WANT the 9900 to be a winner. I think the biggest problem they'll have is courting developers. It's the chicken and the egg - they need apps, which means they need developers, which means they need compelling developer tools. They're focusing now on getting QNX to smartphones, which means they can't improve the os6/7 dev tools.

    There are several high-profile apps that many people use that simply haven't made their way to Blackberry, and with QNX on the horizon, I doubt devs would put effort into coding them for os7. Netflix is one example. In my review, I pointed out instant messaging which should be a HUGE BB strength. They need to open up the push framework. I've heard (on a Beejive forum I think) that the push email workaround that became so problematic with os6 was necessitated by the fact that RIM wouldn't let developers use the native push framework for IM, since they provide (horribly buggy) built-in clients. Either improve the AIM, gtalk etc clients and integrate into one app, or let the dev community do it for you, is my view.

    The fact that a diehard Blackberry fan like myself even bothered looking at an iPhone is a testament to how competitive the market has gotten. I hope RIM pulls a rabbit out of its hat with the 9900.
    07-03-11 05:57 PM
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    I forgot to mention the most important - battery. I made it from 7am until 6pm on 40% of my iPhone's battery - pretty similar to my year-old Bold 9700. The iPhone has an internal 1420mah battery, vs the Bold's 1500mah replaceable battery - given the age of the bold I'd say their capacities are probably pretty close, so suffice it to say the iPhone impressed me. Ive never seen another phone, smart or otherwise, that could handle the kind of use I throw at my Bold.

    These comparisons were on messaging-only days. If I ever get the chance to see how long each lasts on Pandora or Rhapsody, I'll report back, but I usually plug in at work anyway if I'm using streaming
    07-03-11 06:07 PM
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    Email: Blackberry wins again, especially if you're sending a lot of emails a day.

    Keyboard: Blackberry for sure, but I've gotten pretty used to typing on my iphone. Its not as good as a physical keyboard but its alright.

    Phone: As far as quality goes they're about equal, but it is easier to quick dial and dial in general on a blackberry.
    Not sure I agree about the email. The iPhone email is pretty decent and unlike the BB, doesn't truncate emails. It also allows access to folders unlike a BIS blackberry.

    Keyboard is why I still have a BB and its not just about email and other messages, as yo point out the keyboard makes using the phone much quicker.
    07-04-11 12:54 AM