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    Hello again everyone,

    Well, reading all the posts about the Bold has got me really worried. I am new to BBs so would hope that I could use the Bold right out of the box. And yet, it seems riddled with issues which you would have to be a real BB afficionado to fix (memory leaks, error messages etc etc).

    I am just wondering, is this device possibly just too much hassle? I don't mean it in the rude sense, I just do not have the time to spend days trouble shooting at the moment...

    The main reason for me to switch to BB would be the notion that they just "work".


    Thanks for your thoughts

    08-26-08 05:26 AM
  2. muck's Avatar
    its human nature to gripe about the bad stuff.

    at the end of the day, there is so much good stuff you never really hear about.
    it doesnt get labelled crackberry because it sucks
    08-26-08 05:37 AM
  3. shuurajou's Avatar
    You'll be fine. Any bugs will get fixed in time with newer OS releases from RIM. The bold is far more stable at launch than any new 3G nokia etc you can buy.

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    08-26-08 06:01 AM
  4. Pete6's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry.

    I think that your concerns are completly valid.

    I also think that the Blackberry phone is quite simply the best on the market today.

    Other posters in this thread have correctly pointed out that it is a). natural to moan about the tiny annoyances that exist even in the best of products. and b). the denizens of Crackberry are inherrent fiddlers and this certainly causes problems and makes them magnify problems.

    That said, if you do 'tweak' your BlackBerry then you will get more out of it since this phone is very 'tweakable'. On the other hand if you just leave it alone it should be very reliable.

    I removed several features/modules of the Operating System that I did not need and am not running the latest version of the Operating System and I have a truly superb phone.

    There are limits to tweaking that common sense dictates. I have removed all the foreign langiuages that I shall nevcer need. This has given me lots more memory. I have not loaded my phone up with lots of strange apps. I use it primarily as a phone and not as a substitue for my laptop PC.
    08-26-08 06:11 AM
  5. Branta's Avatar
    Pete hit the point - CB forum folk are inherently meddlers who are pushing new toys to the limit (where I work we have the expression 'knows enough to be dangerous'). Of course they will break things and discuss the problems, that is how bugs get found and fixed - and how users learn.

    It is not practical for all bugs to be found during pre-launch testing, there is always a user waiting to find a new way to break it so the early adopters know they are likely to hit a few snags. If you want a BB which is totally reliable and well tested, go for one of the slightly older models (Curve? Pearl?) unless there is a feature you must have on the new model (street cred does not count). If you are prepared to work at the bleeding edge and report problems in a rational manner so they can be fixed... go Bold.
    08-26-08 06:26 AM
  6. prybar-kc's Avatar
    I've had my BB for a year now. I've tweaked it, upgraded the OS removed excess pgms and learned more about it each time. I enjoy having a toy/tool to play with. I am looking forward to the BOLD. If I weren't in a 3G area I'd be looking forward to the JAVELIN. Just another toy......I mean tool.

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    08-26-08 06:27 AM