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    Hi, I'm living in Spain and have a Vodafone BB acount, however I'm not sure how to go about activating my account as everything is in Spanish and I don't yet speak enough of the language to understand the messages I'm recieving. I don't seem to be able to set up my mail accounts as I'm only given one option which is something about an Enterprise account.... also when I try to go through the BB website I'm asked to select a country and this merely complicates matters further as I then get directed to a Spanish website..... The whole thing is very frustrating. Thanks in advance. Andy.
    06-02-09 09:02 AM
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    Usually a couple of beers at the local bar and someone will help. There are nice, helpful people everywhere.
    06-02-09 09:03 AM
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    On your device : Menu - Options - Advanced Options - Host Routing Table - Menu - Register Now

    Go to Vodafone Spain BIS Website and create an account by giving your PIN and IMEI.

    Then add the email accounts and send service books to the device.
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    06-02-09 09:16 AM