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    Hey everyone. Regretfully, I jumped the BB ship a few months ago and went to an Android powered Motorola Atrix device. Not gonna bash Android, but I miss my 9700 like crazy and wished I had never made the switch.

    So when I sold my 9700, I lost my AT&T Blackberry email address (Or at least I never was able to figure out to set it up on a non BB device). Question I have is, when I get the new 9900/9930, will I be able to set up my old Blackberry email address on this new device? Or does it go by the wayside and get closed once a BB device is not registered on my AT&T account?

    I am actually trying to buy a used BB device to hold me over until the 9900/9930 is released. The 9700 was the only BB device I have ever owned so I am not sure how all this works to switch between different phones and O.S.'s. I am hoping it is as simple as just setting up my old email account on a new BB device.

    Anyone have experience with this?
    07-16-11 09:50 PM
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    I'm interested to know the answer to this also.
    07-17-11 06:00 AM
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    Maybe yes, maybe no.

    When you change from a BB plan they deactivated your account. You will need to set up a new account with new password.

    If it has been a short period of time, like over a weekend, I have talked AT&T into re-activating my account. I do not ever use my AT&T email address for this reason so it does not really matter to me. I have been on and off of a RIM plan 10 times this year and would never give my AT&T email address any importance, in fact I do not even set it up.

    Best bet is to call them and ask, you might get someone who will try to recover it for you.
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    07-17-11 06:01 AM
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    Hey all! I'm back! I traded my Like new Atrix for a like new Torch. Fair trade on my end? Probably not...But I wanted another BB so I just made it happen. Anyways, it turns out setting all my info back up from my 9700 was very easy. I simply called AT&T and they directed me to att.blackberry.com, which I did and noticed all of my previous information there waiting patiently for my return!

    The AT&T rep set up a temporary username and password for me and after I set my email accounts back up on my Torch, they synced right up. You do have to make sure your device is connected to your PC while re-activating the email addresses. Additionally, you will have to remember your old passwords as they are required for activation on-line. I also had the newest service books pushed to me. May or may not have helped the cause.

    All-in-all, it took me about 15 minutes from start to finish. And yes, I learned my lesson. Never again will I stray away to other "new NON-RIM devices" that are merely a novelty item, which quickly wears off!

    Now, I am patiently waiting on the release of the 9900/9930.
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    07-25-11 04:30 PM
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    And yes, I learned my lesson. Never again will I stray away to other "new NON-RIM devices" that are merely a novelty item, which quickly wears off!.
    This is what RIM needs to advertise. PERIOD. BB are not toys with gimmicks, they work =).
    07-25-11 09:24 PM
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    I have a question that is somewhat on this topic, but I've never had a blackberry with Internet and is the plan any different for an iPhone on AT&T?
    07-25-11 10:49 PM