1. profiler#AC's Avatar
    Left the Iphone 4 and Droid 3 for the 9930. So far, everything is working except these few items:

    CNN app, Fox News, USA Today ( I like to read them and get alerts) I don't see that in the app world.

    Lack of a mobile checkbook program. I cannot seem to make one work.

    Lack of Audible.com compatability. I listen to a lot of audio books. No such luck here. I had to break out the old ipod.

    Upgraded to .340 and I think the battery is slightly worse, but I'll give it some time. It's much better than droid 3 and slightly less than I4.

    Keyboard is awesome!
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    08-19-11 10:50 AM
  2. noodle15's Avatar
    I am in the same position you are. To stay or return.. On the fence only of the couple things. Keyboard awesome, touch screen awesome, lack of apps ahh could use work, apps available on other platforms but not BB. It is a workhorse for sure but to have so much on IOS and come to BB i can manage but its if I want to.
    08-19-11 11:00 AM
  3. Fubaz's Avatar
    i would say give it a month for more devs to see exactly how good OS7 is, and the apps will arrive.
    08-19-11 11:46 AM