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    I did some test shots of my new 9930 of will.i.am performance in Las Vegas at Encore/Wynn on Friday September 2, 2011. I took a lot, but I am only sharing a few. They are all Great!! I also have videos. I just upgraded from a 8130 Pearl, so I am excited about the results. So much better during the night and day. These are comparable I think to my compact Canon camera.

    Picture shots were taken when around a bunch of fun people, so you can get the idea how it would take if things are not steady. Lots of pushing in the front. These are taken with Digital Zoom, Image Stabilization on, and Image Size set at Large: 2560 x 1920. I did have a hard time pics as the scroll wheel wasn't center.

    Videos I only took at Normal 640 x 480 in Scene Auto Mode. With Videos I did not have Video Light or Image Stabilization on. Even the videos came out great, just the sound is off. I wished I did take some in HD 720P with Stabilization now looking at the settings.

    I hope I did post these pictures right as 10 are max allowed on this post.

    None of these pictures have been altered and are in Original Size.

    These are of my copyright and may not be able to copied without my permission.

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    Great shots. Now consider that these are at 100% resolution or so they seem. They most likely look crisp and vibrant on your device and any noticeable noise or grain in the photos is not the camera's fault but the lighting. Most won't be visible on a 4x6 print.

    Great work.
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    Yep they are 100% resolution. I can't see the grain at all on the phone. As the phone has a small screen.

    The pictures that have digital zoom, and essentially just smaller in 100% resolution. That is why the difference in sizes.

    All the pics & vids look great on the phone.

    okay I just changed to clickable thumbnails, to make it appear how it would look on the phone
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