1. SeanNYC76's Avatar
    Ok what's up with this? Never had this issue on any of my phones before. My 9930 will just shut off in the middle of watching a You Tube video, and then when I unlock it, will Buff and start playing the video again at the point where the phone shut down? Hmmm, anyone else seeing this?

    FYI- Yes I do have my phone set to shut down after 2 min, which is the longest setting available. However that setting would never get in way of a video playing on past Blackberries.

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    08-22-11 12:59 AM
  2. pre456's Avatar
    Yes I have the same problem, and it is because of the phone gets locked at 2 minutes, I confirmed that.. I wish dere was a way to keep the phone on during the videos

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    08-22-11 07:17 AM
  3. twigg's Avatar
    Has anybody found a solution? I find it bizzare that it would lock during a Youtube video even with the lock set to two minutes. I mean seriously, what if you're watching a movie on that gorgeous screen?
    08-22-11 07:53 PM