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    I know *someone* around here has to have a working, activated 9930 in their pocket or paws right now. I am just wondering if anyone can tell me how the RF performance on the device fares?

    I am currently on Sprint, using an 8530 to hold me over until the 9930 gets released, and it seems like the reception is pretty awful on this phone. Now I know it's probably because this thing is probably just a POS Cheapberry, but I have haunting memories of standing outside a Verizon store in the blistering cold to get a 9530 on release day, only to be wholly disappointed by its RF (as well as everything else) performance, even compared to the 8830 I had at the time.

    My previous 8530 on Sprint wasn't good either, and a friend at work with a Tour on Sprint seems to have OK luck. My Droids on Verizon are excellent, and I've had other phones on Sprint that were better (no reception on Sprint is ever GOOD).

    That being said, I've had GSM/UMTS berries (an 8300, 9000, 9700, and a 9780) and always found them to have impeccable, best-in-class RF performance. Do the CDMA BlackBerries just have sub-par RF sections? Or have I just had a string of bad luck with the 9530/8530 models?
    08-08-11 05:19 PM