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    It's been a long time since I spent time with a 9930...and I need to ask some of you here two questions, as dumb as they may seem...

    1. Can you "turn off" the touchscreen aspect of the phone at all? (I'd forgotten that I disliked that...way too sensitive for me.)

    2. Is there a way to stop the horizontal scroll of the tool belt? I'd like to set my most-used apps in a row & leave them.

    12-06-15 08:54 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    I don't recall that you can do either of those. For the icons, maybe a different theme will allow for that
    12-07-15 12:30 PM
  3. anon(2313227)'s Avatar
    Yeah you can switch to a bb6 theme and it will remove the carousel. I remember making themes for it back then and I would make two version. One with carousel and one without.
    I don't think you can disable the touchscreen part.
    12-07-15 02:03 PM
  4. CarGuy1368's Avatar
    You can't turn off the touchscreen.

    You also can't turn off the horizontal scrolling, but I think you can turn the sensitivity for horizontal scrolling down dramatically. I would tell you the exact steps, but I haven't used a BBOS device in years. Look around for trackpad settings.

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    12-07-15 11:43 PM
  5. idssteve's Avatar
    Unchecking all "Panels" will get rid of "horizontal" scroll to those panels, if that's what ur after. I do that routinely just to prevent having to hunt for home screen. Press menu button & scroll to "Manage Panels". Uncheck everything it will let you uncheck & no more side panels to horizontally scroll to. Assuming that's what ur after.

    "Smart guys" in my office modded a lock app that effectively locks out the touch while permitting virtually everything else to work normally. It has to be re-set after every re'boot so... Not perfect but gets the damn too touchy touch hmi out of hair. I'm not free to share that modded app, tho. We've been unable to contact the original author and company policy on such things gets squirrelly on my end.

    I'll see if I can identify the original app & post that name in case someone wants to mod it themselves? Dunno how that fits with forum policy tho?

    Also, I use "BlackBerry 7" theme and move most used icons to top row of the "All"" panel. Then next row, etc... Quick scroll trackpad down brings up all rows.

    I usually leave top two rows showing but one or three rows can be set by dragging panel bar up or down with finger. Never found a way to set that without touch but once set, it stays so it's just a one time thing.
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    12-08-15 03:56 AM
  6. idssteve's Avatar
    Fwiw, other personalizations I find invaluable include setting "Messages" to the accessory key. All accounts, txts, etc are routed to it (hub style) and can be viewed via single press of accessory key from ANY other app. Even mid call. Muscle memory automatically presses accessory key while retrieving 99 from magnetic holster to show msgs immediately. One press shows msgs no matter what else you're doing.

    I also use deKlikken to set multiple accessory key presses for other useful shortcuts. One press msgs, two press for browser, three press for Network connections, etc. Also have two press of mute key set to flashlight. No need to look at the device for any of it.

    There are other shortcut apps but deKlikken coexists with the hacked lock app we use.

    Also, Advance OS and LED is a must have app, IMO. I set led to red for emails, green for calls, blue for txts, etc. Custom colors & flash rates for specific contacts. That flashing led informs my visual periphery so that I know what msgs are waiting without even looking directly at the device.

    Quicker led flash rates (usually 1/10 sec) reduce time waiting for next flash. Default flash rate has always taxed my limited patience. Lol.

    Just some more personalizations, fwiw.
    12-11-15 07:13 AM

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