1. KoKimk's Avatar
    I was using my 9930 (bought from Sprint, factory unlocked) for almost 1 year with no problem on my VIP (Vodafone) operator in Macedonia, with Blackberry Internet Service activated.
    Couple of months ago I put a T-Mobile SIM card in it, while I put my VIP card to my older Curve 8520. After 5-10 minutes I returned the SIM cards, to find out that I no longer have Internet Service on my 9930.
    Since then I can use my 9930 for phone calls, sms... but no internet service. When I try to surf, or login my BB ID, it say "...the device is offline". When I put the SIM card in my 8520, everything works fine!
    I tried everything! Resetting, wiping, OS reinstall, downgrade/upgrade...etc. all possible advice I could find on the net for similar problems. Nothing helped.
    I did contact customer support from my operator couple of times. According to them, they can't do anything! The 8520 is registered in their system as the device with internet service activated, and they can not change that! The only thing we (me and the guy from the customer support) noticed was the different IMEI number they had on file for my 9930! My IMEI number is 358565043605286, and the number he sees at his monitor is 3585650436052825 (last numbers differ: 6 vs 25). He told me that is the number my 9930 sends to their system... How can that be?!
    What should I do? Any advice/idea is appreciated!
    04-22-13 10:33 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Sounds like someone made a mistake somewhere along the line. It will probably require an escalated call to get it rectified. Keep calling your provider and telling them you want to speak to a supervisor. Remain calm, BUT be assertive!
    04-30-13 03:37 PM

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