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    I have noticed as of late this button is not responding as quickly as it should. I really see the change when in my browser. I have insurance and it would cost me 100.00 to replace with a new non refurbished phone. I know most will say get BB10. I will do this but waiting til June for my Q10. Anyway to fix my problem or is it just broken. I have had the device for 14 months. Thanks for any help.
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    05-14-13 12:37 PM
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    that I can buy some stuff from etradesupply.com. All kinda stuff to fix your phone ect. How do you learn how to replace a keyboard ect? Thanks.
    05-14-13 08:32 PM
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    I have the same problem. It clicks, but it isn't going back/doesn't make contact. I now press the key harder and a bit more to the right were the 'end call' button is.

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    05-15-13 12:42 AM
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    Get a new keypad/trackpad/flex-cable, its all one piece.

    Simple to swap out and it will cost you about 20 Balloons. And you won't end up with some POS refurb.
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    05-17-13 01:08 AM
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    Update.....I turned my 9930 off. Was frustrated that I thought my keyboard was done. I started using my thumbs to squeeze with solid pressure on the keys in question. It's been awesome and so far so good. I recommend you turn the phone off and message the keyboard with EVEN thumb pressure. It really has worked. I heard my keyboard "click". Since then keys responding. Again an update. Bring on VZW Q10.
    05-29-13 09:07 PM

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