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    So as one of the CB-nutters eagerly awaiting the 99xx's arrival, and seeing the recent spate of carriers around the world making their announcements, I thought I'd swing through the GoWireless (VZW "secondary" vendor of sorts) that had treated me well over the years and given me great service. (Specifically b/c the local corporate store is SUCH a mess and...a little shady, frankly.)

    I noticed the man previously referred to as the "VZ rep" was there, so I asked if there were any announcements to be made for the new BBs. He looks me straight in the eye and says there's none. Only OS7. I say, yes...I know...so what about the new BBs. He repeats "only OS7 is coming out," followed by, "not new Blackberries." I politely tell the man that OS7 IS the new BBs as none of the older units could be upgraded.

    "Why do you want a BB, anyway?" this snot asks. (I call him snot at this point for reasons that will become evident.) I still try to stay polite and say the Bold keyboard is the best I've ever used, and I wanted to know when I could return to it. The snot-man sends one of his minions into the back telling me there's a phone with a keyboard "just as good as the Blackberry."

    The minion returns with...wait for it...

    ...A PALM PLIXI!!!!

    I sh!t you not. A friggin' PLIXI! I looked at the guy incredulously as he launches into his pitch, at which point I cut him off and rail against them trying to sell me a discontinued platform that's having a hard time in HP's hands for adoption (citing Staples' recent $100 coupon for their tablets), and overall dropping of the ball with the WebOS purchase. The "rep" vanished into the back along w/another store minion and they left the first guy to burn in my insulted fury.

    Done and done. Should the 9930 ever come out and the ONE GUY who was always straight w/me is there, I'll give him his kill fee. Else, SCREW these guys to tell me a PLIXI was going to be just as good as a friggin' BB...and a BOLD, at that!

    VZW: If you're lurking, you'll want to talk to these guys in Rancho Bernardo, CA. If not for the whole "best signal where I go" aspect, I'd have jumped carriers outright just to make a point (I have 3 lines and the full $100 New Every Two left up my sleeve).

    Thank you CB for keeping us as close to in the loop as we'll ever get. And thank you for allowing the vent!

    All I know is the 9930 is in my future... I also know who WON'T be getting my business when I acquire it!
    I can't believe this PLOST. How dare this PLATHETIC PLERSON try to PLUSH a PLALM PLIXI. If I were you, I'd be so PLERTURBED, I'd lodge a complaint with the PLOLICE. They have managed the PLERFECT method for losing PLOTENTIAL customers this way. It's just PLITIFUL!

    Signed: Your bud, Daffy Duck

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    That and to a degree they have been instructed to bad-mouth RIM...
    Yea...I was thinking the same thing!
    08-08-11 05:57 AM
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    So he came back with a phone with a better OS....

    But really, what do you expect from Verizon? They are in the business of selling Iphone and LTE androids. Everything else takes a backseat.
    08-08-11 06:37 AM
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    I gave up, long time ago, expecting any information from carrier sales people. These people are trying to make a living and do not share the enthusiasm we have over Blackberry devices. They make their money from selling plans for the carrier and the hardware is just a toll to do that.

    Most could care less and are more worried about eating and paying their rent! I can't blame them.
    08-08-11 07:08 AM
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    Pleath plorgive me plor my plerrrrible Plenglish!

    That was GREAT!

    Yes... I know I should have edited, but people seemed so amused by it: who am I to deny anyone that? (Especially when this sales stuff is just so messed-up.)
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