1. MrPommeroy's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    the 9930 is the perfect device for personal information management (Tasks, Calendar, Notes, Emailing, Texts). The OS 7 is mature, all syncing options are provided. To me that is essential in business and in my personal life. There is no phone on the market that is as near perfect for PIMS than the 9930.

    I don't want to start a Q10 vs. 9930 discussion, once the OS 10 is mature, the Q10 might become the better 9930 for PIMS.

    But, of course the profile of the 9930 has lots of weak spots and lags of functionality that is common with other smartphones from other platforms: the camera, navigation, browsing, reading, apps, etc.

    Using the 9930 as a everyday, "always at hand" phone, do you guys have a second device to compensate the profile of the 9930. Whats the best way to do it? Any experiences? A tablet, an SGS4? Windows Phone?

    I know it is a matter of personal preference, but still curious about your way of dealing with that.

    08-13-13 04:08 AM
  2. martijn44's Avatar
    An iPad mini I'd say. It's small enough to carry around easily and provides a lot more functionality than another small screen phone. It's also one of the most widely supported mobile devices in the industry, so it will complement your BlackBerry nicely in that regard.

    Disclaimer: I've never used a Playbook, so maybe that would fit as well.
    08-13-13 04:36 AM
  3. davisgq's Avatar
    I use a 32GB Playbook for my other needs (i.e. reading ebooks, playing games, viewing Flash-enabled content.) Since BB has essentially declared all Playbook support dead, I won't expect too many new apps or games and I have been looking at the new Nexus 7, however, as long as my Playbook works, it will be my daily complement for my other needs. Otherwise, my 9930 is more than capable of handling most other tasks.
    08-13-13 08:52 AM

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