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    Hi all. So I got this 9930 really cheap which died on the owner. Problem is that it shows the light as though it's charging but nothing comes up on the screen. I can't seem to de-brick it for some weird reason. My issue is that it keeps asking me for a password but he swears no password was on it - says he didn't want his little sister to be snooping and accidentally wipe his phone so there was none.

    I've tried using CFP with the NUKE command - with and without battery - but each time it says the phone is processing the command and I try another like INFO it still asks for the password.

    If I try some random passwords the number of attempts left don't decrease - instead it just sits there. Trying to restore from within DM doesn't help either. Once a password is tried I get a flashing red light - 1 then 4. Been looking for LED codes for this model but can't find any so no idea what this means.

    Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
    08-09-13 09:31 PM
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    08-10-13 12:16 AM
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    BBSAK wont work because it needs the password to connect. As I said the guy claims there's not supposed to be any because of his sis and such and so forth. Using the NUKE command should have wiped everything and then allowed any other program to go through but nothing. Going to try JL_CMDR next and post the results.

    That didn't work either. Requires password. Anyone have any other suggestions?

    So I've tried with a good working fully charged battery from another phone and still nothing. Beginning to think I may just have to change the board. The weird thing is that any other phone you connect - CFP or otherwise - you put in the code wrong 10 times and it would wipe - or it would take the NUKE command. This one just flashes 1-4 after the password is put in wrong once. Anyone can help and say what this code could mean?

    Closest thing I have is this -> http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...-panic-829841/

    But that's for the PB. Guess it's similar for the BB phone.

    Other threads/sites I've checked:



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